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Bike parts

Bike parts

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Getting to Know the Parts of Your Bike

The bottle cages do specifically what they say on the bottle. Bottle cages hold a water bottle tightly on your bike. You can buy bottle cages from Garmin, Shimano, Sram, Specialized, Ergon, Elite, Tacx, Mavic, Brooks England, Rotor.

• The bottom brackets on a bike connect the crankset to the bike. The bottom brackets allow the crankset to turn easily.

• The brakes decrease the speed of a bike or stop it from moving. As pressure is raised at the brakes the friction force is raised.

• The cassettes are the bunch of sprockets positioned on the rear core of your bike, slotting onto a freehub body and kept securely in place with threaded cassette lockring.

• The chainrings are the rounded, spiky bit associated with your cranks that pull the chain around. A standard road bike may utilize 53t large chainrings.

• The chains are the roller chains that convey power from the pedals to the drive wheel of a bike, thus driving it. Most bike chains are constructed from plain carbon or alloy iron.

• The cleats attach to the bottom of the cycling shoe. A spring tool on the pedal enables you to clip the cleats on shoes in and out of the pedals.

• The cranks are the part of a bike drivetrain that turns the reciprocating motion of the riders legs into rotational movement used to pressure the chain or belt, which in turn pushes the rear wheel. Cranks are an important part of a bike.

• The derailleurs are the variable ratio bicycle gearing arrangement including a chain, various sprockets of diverse sizes. Derailleurs are used to shift the chain from one sprocket to another.

• The forks are the part of a bicycle that secures the front wheel. The forks typically consist of two blades which are connected at the top by a fork crown.

• The bike grips are intended to give stuffing and vibration damping to keep hands relaxed. The good grips reduce the potential for hand spasms.

• A groupset tool belongs to any mechanical or electronic parts that are linked in braking, changing gear, or the running of the drivetrain.

Handlebars allow the rider to prevail moderately straight while at the same time handlebars provide a broad range of hand positions for convenience on long duration rides.

• The levers in a bicycle are the handlebars. The first class levers have the fulcrum within the effort and load.

• The central idea behind the mudguards is to hinder water coming off the wheels on the body.

• The pedals are the parts of a bicycle that the cyclist drives with their foot to drive the vehicle. Pedals present the link between the cyclists foot and the bicycles wheels.

• The power meters on the bicycles are the devices that estimate the power produced by the cyclist. Most bicycle power meters use strain gauges.

• The bicycle saddles are often called a bicycle seat. Saddles are one of five touch points on an upright bicycle.

• The bicycle seatposts are the tubes that stretch upwards from the bicycle support to the saddle.

• The bike stems are the parts on the bicycles that attach the handlebars to the steerer tube of the bicycle fork.