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What Clothes Do a Child Need When Cycling

Bib shorts

For comfortable miles on the saddle, cycling bibs are the most essential clothing item that you must consider for the kids. It prevents saddle sores and chafing. When choosing a cycling bib, look for quick drying, moisture wicking, and stretchy fabric material that gives your child a comfortable fit while riding. Northwave, Eltin, Loeffler and CMP are the best brands that offer cycling bibs.


Any bike jerseys that you select for your kids especially for road biking must be stretchy. Other features that should be considered are moisture wicking, quick drying, and breathable. Jackets and jerseys should also have pockets for easy access, a front zipper for ventilation, and tall or flip up collars to protect your child’s neck from UV rays. CMP, Vaude, and AGU are the top manufacturers of cycling jackets.


As an alternative to bike shorts, pants are the best clothing gear that you must purchase for your kids, especially for cold weather adventures. Many bike pants come with a built in chamois. Some pants are fully waterproof and windproof making them ideal for harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for cycling pants for your kids, choose any brands such as CMP, VAUDE, AGU, and AlpineStars pick the best one.


Kid’s tri suits are specially designed that help you race faster and be as comfortable as possible. Trisuits come in different sizes and styles: a one piece style and a two piece style. Mostly the material used in the design of trisuits is thin and breathable. Trisuits are flexible, aerodynamic, and stretchy that makes them ideal for cycling, swimming, and running. Sailfish, Santini and Zone3 are the best manufacturers of kid’s trisuits.


In fall and spring cycling adventures, layers are the best option to go for. Cyclists may need different layers in such changing weather conditions. Vests are one of the best options for cyclists as they are easy to zip and unzip. They provide more airflow and can be taken off when you feel warm. POC, Q36.5 and Sportful designs offer high quality vests for kids who are passionate about cycling.

More about kids clothing bike

Face masks are used to protect a child’s face from harmful UV rays while cycling. In addition, gloves provide padded cushioning to your child’s hands in long distance rides. You need to consider proper Headwear styles for your kids. Headwear is an important accessory that protects your child’s head and neck from outside elements. In winters, a Neck gaiter proves to be highly effective in providing an additional layer of warmth around the neck. Socks are the key cycling clothing items that must not be ignored. Choose long or short socks for kids as per the needs and weather conditions. T shirts are essential cycling apparel that is thin, breathable, and comfortable to wear while riding. 100percent, Sixs, CMP, and Alpinestars, are the top brands that offer kid’s official equipment for cycling.