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What to Wear When You’re Cycling

Bib shorts

Cycling bibs are getting more popular among cyclists and racers as compared to cycling shorts as there is no waistband that restricts breathing. In a low aerodynamic riding position, cycling bibs help keep your shorts up. Non bibs shorts usually pull down while riding and expose your lower back. Bib shorts have become a symbol of recreational cyclists who love to ride in tight compressive material that ensures the best performance. You can get the best short bibs from leading brands Shimano, Specialized, Gore wear, Castelli, and Alé.


There are mixed situations that you probably encounter during your riding adventures and thus just one thing cannot cover all possibilities. A good quality cycling jacket must snugly fit your body as it will leave no space for wind to enter. There is a huge variety of softshell and hardshell cycling jackets that protect you from wind, rain, and snow. Jerseys are made of waterproof and windproof materials that not merely keep you dry and warm but also enhance your overall look.


Cycling pants are purposefully designed while keeping the rider’s needs and comfort in mind. Padded cycling pants are not only for racers, but recreational riders can also benefit from them. They are made of stretchable material with high quality chamois. Cycling pants reduce pressure points, decrease road vibrations and shocks and prevent chafing.

Base Layers

Base layers are the key clothing items for cyclists. A good quality skin to skin base layer keeps your body temperature moderate whatever the outer conditions are. A base layer with a warm shirt and jersey makes an ideal combination for winter day riding adventures.

T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Shirts

These days, cyclists have an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing shirts, t shirts, and polo shirts. You can wear short sleeves, long sleeves, and sleeveless shirts depending on the weather conditions and routes you are heading towards. The shirts you choose must be snugly fit with fitting cuffs to avoid digging into arms. Polo shirts are made of high quality material that is breathable and moisture wicking. GORE Wear, Castelli, Mavic, Maxxis, and Assos are the best brands that offer high quality cycling shirts and polo shirts.

More about Men’s Clothing Bike:

Arms and leg warmers are the most important cycling accessories that help keep your cores warm and protected against cold wind. Face masks are also useful to wear while cycling as they keep you safe from dirt, dust, grit, and other elements. Cyclists use gloves to get a better grip. There are different variations in gloves such as full fingers, half fingers, and more that you can choose according to your needs and style. Headwear is a compulsory cycling accessory that should not be ignored. There are different styles and types of headwear such as caps, hats, beanies, skull caps, and more that you can buy. Neck gaiter and tapes give additional warmth to your neck and head in cold winter rides. Castelli, Alé, Santini, Assos, and Sportful offer high quality Official equipment for cyclists. Socks are one of the most vital clothing items for cyclists. You can wear short or long socks according to weather and requirements. Ponchos are helpful in keeping you and your essentials safe from being wet in the rain. Trisuits, Sweatshirts and hoodies are available in a wide range for cyclists that can be purchased from leading brands. Vests are important cycling apparel that cyclists must choose wisely.