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About Selle SMP
SELLE SMP was launched in 1947. Since its establishment, SELLE SMP has truthfully revolutionized the manner bicycle saddles were formed. Today, their saddle design has become a mark of quality, creation, convenience, and ergonomics. SELLE SMP presents its products in more than 65 nations around the globe. It is also conducting the industry as one of the developers of high-end ergonomic saddles for bicycles. With a rich past spanning over 70 years, the company has acquired an importance for innovation, superior engineering, and a determined commitment to cyclist ease and performance.
Selle SMP´s ideology circles around forming saddles that improve both ergonomics and aesthetics. Their saddles are particularly recognizable by their amazing and futuristic structures, which are not only visibly adorable but also purpose-driven. The brand´s belief in research and production has led to the innovation of cutting-edge saddle technologies that meet the specific demands of riders.
Selle SMP presents a mixed range of saddle models, leading to different cycling disciplines. Each saddle is specifically prepared utilizing high-quality materials and particular attention to detail, ensuring performance and durability.

Selle SMP collection of cycling saddles and bike parts

Selle SMP saddle features a major cutout or track running down the middle. This design component further alleviates stress on the perineal place, enhancing blood flow and lowering the risk of numbness and distress. Selle SMP bike parts particularly include bike saddles and related accessories. Their bike saddles come in a wide range of durable materials and comfortable sizes designed to maximize comfort and performance.
Selle SMP mudguards are shielding accessories for bicycles that help control water, mud, and waste from spattering onto the rider and the bike´s drivetrain. Selle SMP cycling saddle features a unique and ergonomic form that is attentively engineered to adapt to the human body´s anatomy. This design strives to decrease pressure on sensitive regions and improve overall ease during prolonged rides.
Selle SMP gel saddle may present customization options such as flexible saddle rails, permitting riders to fine-tune the saddle´s place and fit to their taste. Selle SMP women´s saddle is made from high-quality materials in the structure of women providing durability and longevity, even with everyday use in demanding conditions.
Selle SMP men saddle are typically created to be lightweight, minimizing any excessive weight on the bicycle. Selle SMP presents a range of men-specific saddles developed to deliver convenience and support for male cyclists