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Spare parts

Bike Spare parts

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Bottom Brackets
The bottom brackets on a bike combine the crankset with the bike and allow the crankset to rotate freely. You can buy the bottom brackets from Garmin, Shimano, Sram, Specialized, Ergon, Mavic.

The brakes are the automatic device that hinders movement by consuming power from a moving system.

Cables are utilized to check gear turning on bikes with equipped drivetrains. They consist of two parts: an inner cable and an outer cable.

A cassette is the collection of sprockets positioned on the rear core of the bike, held securely in place with a threaded cassette lockring.

Chain Locks
Chain locks are built up of a set of fixed steel links normally inside a protecting nylon cover and a lock. Chain locks are used to secure the bike.

Chainrings are the essential gear in the machine that is your bike. Theyre responsible for transferring the energy.

The cranks are the arm connected at a right angle to a rotating handle by which annular motion is presented to or obtained from the bar.

Bike handlebars
The bike handlebars are the steering controller for bikes. It is the equivalent of a tiller for bikes.

Bike paddles
The bike paddles are the tool utilized for driving the bikes. Bike paddles let drivers electrically turn their vehicles automated transmission.