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Fins, masks and snorkels

Dive Fins, masks and snorkels

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Fin bags and full foot fins

Fin bags and full foot fins play a very important role in diving. The fin bags give fine protection against damage during transport and storage. The fin bags specifically protect the material of the fins from UV radiation. Full foot fins make a level and stable propelling motion that gets you going without wearing you out.

Full face masks

Full face masks allow communication between scuba divers. These have a low volume design that makes everything clear. Full face masks should have a diver adjustable control knob. These are molded from premium grade silicone rubber.

Graduated lenses

Graduated lenses for diving are specialized lenses that are designed to enhance visibility and improve contrast underwater. These lenses are typically used in diving masks and are especially useful for divers who frequently encounter varying light conditions, such as those who dive in areas with strong surface glare or who dive at different times of day. Graduated lenses are characterized by a gradual transition from a darker tint at the top of the lens to a lighter tint at the bottom. The darker tint at the top of the lens helps to reduce surface glare and bright light, while the lighter tint at the bottom of the lens provides better visibility in darker conditions. This gradient effect helps to provide a more natural and comfortable viewing experience for the diver.

Masks and masks covers

Masks and mask covers are an essential part for divers. Masks for diving are specialized masks that are designed to protect the diver´s eyes, nose, and mouth while underwater, while also allowing the diver to see clearly. They are a crucial piece of diving equipment and provide a number of important functions. When choosing a diving mask, its important to select one that fits comfortably and provides a good seal around the face. This will help to prevent water from leaking into the mask and impairing the diver´s vision.

Monofins and open heel fins

Monofins and open heel fins are both types of swim fins used for swimming and diving. While they both serve a similar purpose of propelling the swimmer through the water, there are some key differences between the two. A monofin is a single, blade shaped fin that covers both feet and is typically used for recreational and competitive swimming, as well as for free diving and underwater photography. The blade of the monofin is designed to create a fluid and efficient swimming motion. Monofins require the swimmer to use a specific technique and are not typically used for scuba diving. Open heel fins, on the other hand, are designed specifically for scuba diving and snorkeling. The foot pocket is open at the heel, allowing the diver to easily put on and take off the fins, and can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. Open heel fins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different diving styles and conditions.

Snorkel and snorkel set

Snorkel and snorkel sets play an important role in scuba diving. A snorkel is a gadget utilized for inhaling air from above the surface when the diver´s head is facing down in the water and the mouth and the nose are under the water. They also come separate as well as connected to a diving mask.

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