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About OMS
OMS, short for ´´Ocean Management Systems,´´ is a trusted name in the world of diving gear and equipment. Established in the United States in the early 1980s, OMS has provided high-quality, reliable, and innovative diving solutions for both recreational and professional divers. With a commitment to safety, performance, and sustainability, OMS has become a leading brand in the diving industry.
OMS is a brand with a rich history and a dedication to providing divers with top-notch gear and equipment. With a wide range of products, including diving suits, BCD jackets, regulators, snorkels, and tank equalizers, OMS has earned the trust of divers worldwide. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that divers can explore the underwater world with confidence, knowing they have reliable and high-performance gear by their side. Whether you´re a recreational diver or a professional, OMS is a brand that delivers excellence in every dive.

Excellence in Diving Gear

OMS diving suits are designed to provide divers with protection and comfort in various underwater environments. Whether you´re diving in warm tropical waters or exploring cold, challenging depths, OMS offers a range of wetsuits and dry suits crafted from durable materials to suit your specific needs. OMS buoyancy control devices (BCD) jackets are engineered for precise buoyancy control and comfort. These jackets feature ergonomic designs and customizable options to ensure a snug fit. OMS BCD jackets offer reliability and performance underwater.
OMS is a one-stop destination for all your diving equipment needs. Their product range includes everything from masks and fins to tanks and accessories. OMS diving equipment is known for its durability and functionality, making it a preferred choice among divers. OMS regulators play a vital role in ensuring safe and controlled breathing underwater. These regulators are meticulously designed to deliver a consistent and easy breathing experience while diving. OMS regulators are trusted by divers around the world for their reliability and performance. OMS regulator sets are carefully assembled to provide a seamless and reliable breathing experience, even in challenging dive conditions.
OMS snorkels are not just for snorkeling; they are also valuable tools for divers. These snorkels are designed to minimize water entry and facilitate easy clearing. OMS snorkels are essential accessories for surface swimming and for conserving air while diving. OMS tank equalizers are essential for maintaining balanced buoyancy during dives. These devices allow divers to adjust the gas pressure in their tanks to achieve neutral buoyancy, enhancing control and safety in the water. OMS tank equalizers are trusted by technical divers for their precision.