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What is a wetsuit hanger?

A wetsuit hanger is a specialized hanger designed specifically for hanging and drying wetsuits. It is a useful accessory for divers, surfers, and water sports enthusiasts who regularly use wetsuits. Here are some key features and benefits of a wetsuit hanger:

Wide shoulder design: Wetsuit hangers typically have a wide shoulder design that mimics the shape of the human shoulder. This helps to properly support and maintain the shape of the wetsuit when hung. The wide shoulder design prevents excessive stretching or distortion of the wetsuit material, which can occur when using a regular hanger with narrow shoulders.
Quick Drying: A wetsuit hanger facilitates proper air circulation around the wetsuit, allowing it to dry more quickly. The wide shoulder design allows the wetsuit to hang freely without folding or creasing, enabling better airflow and evaporation of moisture. This helps to prevent the development of unpleasant odors and prolong the life of the wetsuit.
Reduced shoulder stress: The wide shoulder design of a wetsuit hanger distributes the weight of the wetsuit evenly, reducing stress and pressure on the shoulder area. This is especially beneficial for thicker wetsuits, which can be heavy when wet. By minimizing stress on the shoulders, a wetsuit hanger helps to maintain the integrity of the wetsuit material and prevent damage.
Convenience and organization: Wetsuit hangers often come with additional features for added convenience and organization. Some hangers have hooks or clips that allow you to hang accessories such as hoods, gloves, or booties alongside the wetsuit. This helps to keep all your gear in one place, making it easy to locate and access when needed.
Travel friendly: Some wetsuit hangers are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them suitable for travel. They can be easily folded or disassembled, allowing you to pack them in your gear bag without taking up much space. This feature is particularly useful for divers or surfers who frequently travel and need a portable solution for drying their wetsuits.
Overall, a wetsuit hanger is a practical accessory that promotes proper drying, preserves the shape of the wetsuit, and extends its lifespan. By investing in a wetsuit hanger, you can ensure that your wetsuit dries efficiently, remains in good condition, and is ready for your next water adventure. You can buy the wetsuit hangers from Mares, Best Divers, Surflogic, and No Gravity.