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About 42k Running
42K is a sports brand specialized in the design, development and production of technical garments and accessories for running.
Its growth has been unstoppable since its birth in 2010. It is currently one of the most common technical brands in running events in almost twenty countries, with a leading presence in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France and Italy. 42K also produces customized technical equipment for athletic clubs, sports teams and groups, as well as collections of garments and accessories for the individual athlete.

100% recycled technical garments

42K offers a wide range of technical garments and accessories for runners of all levels. Among its star products are the technical T-shirts specially developed for running with the latest generation of 100% recycled fabrics.
The 42K T-shirts are made with the most advanced technologies on the market to guarantee excellent softness, breathability, fast drying and vivid colors.
Its wide range of top quality technical T-shirts is complemented by many other technical garments and accessories specially developed for running: pants, leggings, windbreakers, softshell jackets, socks, polarized glasses...

Passionate about running

42K is a brand created by running enthusiasts and its priority commitment is to create technical garments and accessories with an excellent quality-price ratio to meet the most demanding expectations of running enthusiasts.
Its specialization as a running brand is based on three pillars: good design, quality performance and affordable price. This has earned it the trust and appreciation of thousands of sporting events, but also of countless athletic clubs, sports teams and, of course, elite and popular runners of different nationalities.

Commitment to recycling

42K has achieved in less than fifteen years of life an enormous implantation in the world of running, being recognized as the brand of the popular runner in Spain, but also in Portugal and Ireland.
One milestone in the history of 42K stands out in particular: being the first Spanish sports brand to produce its entire collection of technical T-shirts for sports and popular running events with 100% recycled fabric.
42K has set itself the great challenge that by 2030 its entire catalog of running apparel and accessories will be 100% recycled as a commitment to contribute to sustainable development.