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About G-Star
You can shop the latest G-Star denim styles for women and men, including shirts, jeans, jackets and more at Dressinn. The best thing about G-Star is that they create designer denim for everyone. Since its establishment in 1989, G-Star RAW has been at the forefront of fashion around the world. The G-Star brand specializes in manufacturing raw denim. Due to G-Star´s focus on sustainable production, G-Star RAW is a brand that men and women can always feel good about wearing. G-Star RAW is dedicated to product quality and is committed to sustainable production methods.
The G-Star dares to stand out by keeping your feet on the ground. And always with a good sense of humor. G-Star Raw introduced the idea of ´´luxury denim for the streets´´ by fusing high-end craftsmanship with street style and positioning raw denim as a wearable and desirable material. G-Star is a brand that always puts the product first.

The best clothing for women and men

The best thing about G-Star is that they have created never seen before clothing styles with unique designs and comfortable fabrics for their customers. G-Star has a variety of clothing for men and women. G-Star also offers accessories for men and women with different designs. Each season, G-Star adds innovative new cuts and washes to its extensive denim collection, ranging from distinctive 3D designs to 5-pocket essentials. The Dutch brand is famous for its amazing unique designs and high-quality denim for men and women. In addition G-Star presents the collection of each season consisting of jackets, cargo pants, shirts, hoodies, pants, tops and accessories. G-Star now includes shoes, underwear, bags and garments made from different types of fabrics.

G-Star has everything for you

Ultimately, the G-Star brand is a style for all time: futuristic, stealthy, alternative, traditional, far-reaching, and experimental. G-Star has a variety of clothing, shirts, jackets, hoodies, women´s jeans, and cargo pants. G-Star is a creative, better and design-driven company, always on the lookout for the next innovation and new comfort zones, and very passionate about balancing aesthetics and functionality for their clients. G-Star is designing products with the future in mind, not just in style but also in how it impacts the planet and the people around it. In recent years, G-Star has maintained its image by contributing to the development of denim under its label, combining technology, timelessness and tradition. Go and get your favorite G-Star items only at Dressinn.