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Urban transport

Urban transport

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Brands of Urban transport

How to move around your city comfortably?

City Bikes

City bikes have wide, stuffed seats, and elevated handlebars that give a relaxed traveling to short distances, and tasks around town. City bikes can be driven on paved paths.

Electric Scooters

The electric scooters are stand up scooters started by an electric motor. Listed as a kind of micro mobility, these scooters are usually devised with a huge deck in the middle on which the rider persists. Electric scooters are used in law implementation, security guarding, and ease. They are common in city areas and are utilized as an option for bicycling or strolling.


Hoverboards are also called self balancing scooters. Hoverboards are compact machines that move with the help of electricity and have two wheels. They opened the market in 2015 and have been earning expanding fame since. Hoverboards are powered through lithium ion batteries that can be recharged; a driver is swung on a stage within the two wheels.


The Segways are self balancing special transporters that have two wheels. Segways are very comfortable to ride. They are made to carry you to distances that are too distant to walk but too small to drive. It is common in many different countries. You can buy the segways from famous brands such as Xiaomi, Skateflash, Brigmton, 9transport, Anlen, Dahon.