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Black Friday 2021

Waiting the entire year for Black Friday 2021 to buy that fashionable clothing you so badly want is a dream that Dressinn places within your reach, not just on the infamous Black Friday, but we will also extend it for the whole of the previous week with Black Week and up to the following Monday with Cyber Monday to offer you the best discounts in women´s clothing and men´s clothing, footwear and trendy accessories.
Combine new jackets or parkas with your worn out jeans, get the perfume you´ve been wanting all year, update your short dresses for going out with the girls, get that soft and comfortable sweatshirt for cold Sundays, surprise your partner with a beautiful watch and share these Black Friday offers with your friends.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a term which is used to refer to the day that shops, both physical and online around the world, reduce their prices with offers which drive millions of customers crazy who are willing to spend hours in queues to buy the best Christmas presents.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes place just after Thanksgiving which is when the Christmas season officially starts. This year, Black Friday 2021 is on 26th November.

Our Black Friday offers

At Dressinn, your fashion store, we are so excited about the arrival of Black Friday 2021 that we have prepared large discounts on women´s and men´s footwear, clothing and rucksacks that you won´t want to miss out on to always be comfortable, modern and fashionable.
This is the best chance to indulge that urge for a maxi skirt that matches perfectly with leather boots, that black blazer or jacket that will make you look so elegant for formal occasions or your favourite coloured tracksuit to go walking in the park or to the gym.

Dressinn´s Black Week

So that you can choose with all of the time you need, as a family or by yourself, and check out the huge discounts on the jackets, trainers and trousers that we have for you, we´ve decided to extend Black Friday for the entire week, this means that Black Week starts from Friday 19th November so you have no excuse to update all of the clothes in your wardrobe and that of your family.
But we won´t do this alone. Our store´s top brands like Gstar, Diesel, Superdry, Lacoste, Nike, Puma, Vans, Levi´s and Timberland accompany us at this celebration of low prices to guarantee quality, hard wearing, comfortable and trendy clothing.

Find out the history of Black Friday

There are many stories around the origin of Black Friday which are associated with the start of Christmas sales and others with the financial crisis. Perhaps the first time "Black Friday” was talked about was the 24th September 1869, when the American financiers Jay Gould and Jim Fisk sent hundreds of Wall Street companies bankrupt after trying to carry out a multi-million dollar scam in the gold market.
A hundred years later, Black Friday was talked about again on two similar occasions. Both in Philadelphia in 1966, and New York in 1975, the term was used to describe the chaos of vehicles and people that crowded the city with Christmas shopping the day afterThanksgiving.

When did Black Friday begin to be celebrated?

There is no exact date that marks the beginning of Black Friday, but if we go by the first time it was used in a similar situation to that of today, it could have been in 1966, so the Black Friday tradition is more than 50 years´ old.

Cyber Monday 2021

Cyber Monday 2021 is the celebration of discounts after Black Friday, the “eighth day” as they say in some countries, the last day to buy everything you want at prices you´ll never see again. This year Cyber Monday takes place on 29th November, so at Dressinn we will have some amazing discounts on clothing, shirts, t-shirts, trousers and jeans for you from brands such as Nike, Puma or Timberland, and many more. They´ll only be on offer on this day in our online clothing and shoes store.
So get ready with plenty of time, take a look at our catalogue of attractive offers and enjoy updating your outfits for the office, walking or going out to a party or first date. We are waiting for you!