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Kid´s shoes

Football Kid´s shoes

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Characteristics of children´s sports shoes

Flip flops

Flip flops are the best shoe option for your children in summer. When buying flip flops, the first thing you should look at is the sole. The best water sandals come with comfortable rubber and foam materials like EVA or Croc´s patented Croslite. These sandals are lightweight and provide excellent cushioning for childrens feet. You can also find flip flops with added arch support that provides extra cushioning and comfort. You should consider insoles that prevent your feet from slipping on slippery surfaces.
Strap materials are another important feature of flip flop sandals. The plastic straps are easy to clean, while the wide neoprene straps are super soft and add to the comfort level. For young children, you can also choose flip flops that have a back heel strap that keeps the shoes secure.

Rugby boots

Rugby boots are designed with stability and power in mind, so they are wider, have raised heels, larger studs, and cut higher around the ankle. When choosing rugby boots for children, you must take into account some specific parts such as the closure system, the level of comfort, the design and the material; Most rugby shoes have laces, but if your child can´t tie the laces, choose rugby boots with velcro.
Likewise, all rugby boots are classified into two types; Boots for soft ground and firm ground. Soft ground rugby boots are ideal for playing on soft natural surfaces. Choosing the correct type of boot for the surface is vital to avoiding injury.

Sneaker shoes

When choosing sports shoes for children there are several characteristics to take into account, such as the material, the sole, the design and the cushioning. Athletic shoes are designed to provide protection and are used for a variety of physical activities. Training shoes support a variety of movements including jumping, running, bending, stopping, and rapidly changing direction. Kids´ training shoes are versatile and work best for different types of sports and training.
Running and training shoes can look similar; however, the key difference between the two is flexibility. Training shoes provide more flexibility and freedom of movement, especially lateral side to side movement. Athletic shoes tend to have a flatter surface; They help stabilize your feet, ankles and knees, making them ideal for all kinds of physical and sports activities. You can buy the best children´s footwear from leading brands such as Adidas, Joma, Puma, Mizuno, Asics and Hummel.