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Men´s shoes

Football Men´s shoes

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Brands of Men´s shoes

Types of sports shoes

Basketball´s shoes

Basketball shoes help improve your performance and prevent injuries while playing basketball. The game of basketball involves regular jumping, kicking, and blocking of the ball, which is why basketball shoes are designed to serve as shock absorbers and provide resistance to the ankle with stability to allow participants to play easily. Basketball shoes provide additional stability while running during the game.

Handball shoes

Handball shoes have a base design created especially for stopping any type of fast movement. They also have a very low profile, providing additional balance for the player. These shoes typically have an extra room near the ankles for freedom of movement. Handball shoes are made of thick, stiff soles to handle quick, short movements.

Rugby boots

Rugby boots are created with the aim of obtaining maximum resistance. These boots are usually made of high quality leather or sometimes with synthetic material or a mixture of both materials so that they can be used for a long time. Rugby boots are wider, have a raised heel, larger studs, and a higher cut near the ankle.


Sports shoes are sports shoes that are made up of leather, textile, and synthetic material. Sports shoes are designed for multidirectional movements. The bottom of is more adjustable to allow a wide range of motion. This type of shoe is very compatible with your feet and keeps you relaxed even during hard training. These shoes come in a wide range of colors and designs.

Volleyball shoes

Volleyball shoes may look very similar to classic sports shoes but they are very different. Volleyball shoes have a soft rubber bottom material. The rubber is prepared to provide excellent adherence to the ground and prevent the shoe from slipping on the ground. You can buy these shoes from Adidas, Joma, Puma, Mizuno, Uhlsport, and Asics.

More about men´s shoes:

Flip flops
Flip flops is a type of shoe that has a flat bottom and a Y shaped band between the toes for support. They are usually used to go to the gym.

Hockey shoes
Hockey shoes are created with shock absorbing features and provide the strength and softness that field hockey players require every day. The sole of hockey shoes also has studs.