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Recovery and care

Football Recovery and care

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How to speed up muscle recovery?

Articular protectors

Articular protectors are used to restrict fractures and pain and to cover a scar or wound from an externally loaded part supported by internal edges. Articular protectors are round with structured edges that allow you to apply the desired force.


Electrostimulators is used to regulate the nervous system through electrical stimuli. Electrostimulators serve by transmitting electrical signals to tense muscles. They are often used in physical therapy to improve or maintain muscle strength.

First aid

First aid is the collection of essential items and tools used to provide medical assistance. First aids can help prevent damage from getting worse and can potentially save any trips to a hospital or doctor without an appointment. You can buy first aid kits from Mizuno, Uhlsport, Rinat, Hummel and Kelme.

Massage rollers and balls

Massage rollers and balls are used for self massage of the body at home. Massage rollers and balls are used to relieve pain and swelling caused in the muscles due to any injury or hard exercise. These massage rollers and balls help relax tense muscles.

Smart scales

Scales are used to estimate your weight and fitness. Smart scales help determine the proportions of fat, tissue and water in the body. Nowadays they give a lot of information about your body so that you can keep it in a healthy state.

Self massage and pressotherapy

Self massage and pressotherapy can help relieve pain, throbbing and muscle inflammation, and improve stagnation, energy and focus of the body, as well as the mind. Self massage and pressotherapy improve blood circulation and keep the body fit and relaxed.

More about recovery:

Sports Creams: Sports creams are used to treat aches and pains caused by sports.
Tapes: Tapes are applied to the body to relieve pain, decrease pain, and improve performance.
Personal Care: Personal care includes products such as toothpaste, hand wash, facial wipes, etc.