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What is important for your children to learn about cycling?

Cycling is a wonderful sport. If you are teaching your child to learn to ride a bike, the first step is to coordinate with him or her and build her confidence. Removing the pedals will help them learn to balance and control the bike. You also need to set the correct saddle height so they can pedal easily and pick up speed. The best age for your child to learn to ride a bike is between 4 and 6 years old. Janod, Color baby, Woomax, Disney and Bobike are the popular brands that manufacture and offer childrens bicycles.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts help keep the chamois where it should be. They also reduce abrasions and pain from the saddle while keeping the shorts firmly against your crotch. Cycling shorts should be worn before riding as they keep the shorts up. They avoid the lower back to expose an aerodynamic riding position.

Cycling gloves

It is essential to have some form of protective gear for your child before he starts biking. To protect your child from injury, gloves are one of the most important cycling items to choose for your child. Whether your child is riding on or off road, they provide good grip. Cycling gloves keep your delicate hands dry and protected from outside elements.

Cycling helmets

An unexpected fall from a bike or an accident can happen without warning. It can cause serious head injuries. Therefore, a well fitting helmet is an essential piece of cycling gear your child needs to reduce this risk. A child´s helmet should fit snugly. Avoid purchasing a helmet without checking its size and fit on your child´s head. Helmets should sit low on your child´s forehead. Make sure it has side straps to adjust the helmet according to your childs face.

Cycling t shirts

Cycling jerseys are specifically designed for avid cyclists who make a big difference in their performance. When choosing a cycling jersey for your child, make sure it fits well without being too loose or too tight. The jerseys come with pockets towards the waist that are easy to reach and perfect for storing energy gels, bars and small items. Polyester is generally the material used for cycling jerseys as it dries quickly.

More about children cyclists:

In addition, you also need some important cycling accessories and parts for repair and maintenance. For example, your child may need to adjust the height of the seat. Or they need to tighten or loosen the wheels after a long drive. Your child can also use flags that they can mount on the handle. There are also official team jerseys and jerseys that you can buy for your child.