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About Ixil
Since 1955, Ixil founded in Barcelona as a family dream, Ixil has become a trusted name, echoing the passion of motorbike riders worldwide. Through generations, their dedication to innovation, quality, and performance has fueled their growth. Every Ixil exhaust and manifold reflects their commitment to excellence.

Ixil: the sound of a legacy in motion.

Ixil exhausts pioneer in the use of stainless steel for motorcycle exhausts, offering superior durability and aesthetics compared to traditional materials. Ixil exhaust undergoes rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. Ixil exhausts are renowned for their distinct and powerful sound. They offer a wide range of exhaust options to suit every taste, from deep, throaty rumbles to crisp, high-pitched growls.
Ixil exhaust manifolds are the cornerstone of high-performance motorcycle exhaust systems, These manifolds are more than just tubes connecting the engine to the exhaust; they are precisely engineered components that play a crucial role in maximizing power, torque, and overall riding exhilaration. Ixil manifolds are designed to maximize exhaust flow, reducing back pressure and allowing your engine to breathe freely.
Ixil offers a range of high-performance components to personalize your ride. From exhausts that maximize power and sound to ergonomic footpegs and engine guards, Ixil motorcycle components provide everything you need to enhance your riding experience. Ixil motorcycle components designed with premium materials and stylish designs, Ixil components are an investment in your motorcycle´s performance and aesthetics.
Beyond high-performance motorcycle parts, Ixil offers a comprehensive range of Ixil motorcycle spare parts to maintain their components and maximize their lifespan. Ixil motorcycle spare parts maintain optimal exhaust performance with dB killers, tailpipes, clamps, and heat shields. Keep manifolds leak-free with gaskets and bolts. Restore footpeg comfort and function with new rubber inserts, springs, and mounting hardware. Securely mount and protect your engine guards with dedicated spare parts. Ixil even provides replacement license plate holders, handguard components, and crash bar parts.
The Ixil full line system is a comprehensive exhaust system designed to enhance the performance, sound, and aesthetics of your motorcycle. It replaces the entire exhaust system, from the engine to the tailpipe, offering a complete solution for unleashing the full potential of your machine. The Ixil full line system enhances the overall performance, sound, and aesthetics of your motorcycle.
Ixil mufflers, often known as silencers, play a crucial role in the overall function and character of your bike. Ixil mufflers regulate the exhaust noise produced by your motorcycle´s engine. Ixil mufflers dampen and redirect the sound waves, ensuring compliance with noise regulations while also contributing to a more pleasant riding experience.