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About Asics
Asics is a leading multinational Japanese brand that manufactures premium quality sports shoes and apparel. It was born in 1949. He started Asics after World War II to give hope to the Japanese youth to rebuild their lives with a new spirit. His name is derived from the Latin phrase ´´Anima Sana In Corpore Sano´´, which expresses how he wants people to live happy and healthy lives. With these wholesome activities, they can bring new hope to get up again and make the world a much better place than ever before with enthusiasm.
Asics first starts with making a revolution in basketball shoes. After many innovations and advanced technologies, Asics successfully became a powerhouse by offering these shoes. The brand has become a pioneer in offering countless athletic shoe options for almost every sport. Constant changes and improvements in design and technology make the shoe collection the best choice for athletes around the world. The innovation of footwear according to the needs of the modern era wins the trust of its consumers.

Choose the right tennis shoes at Asics

Asics tennis shoes are synonymous with quality and comfort. You can choose the best Asics tennis shoes at Smashinn, as a tennis player needs top quality shoes to play on a hard court surface. When we want the best tennis shoes, the first name that comes to mind is Asics due to its advanced features. Trusted by professional tennis players, Asics men´s tennis shoes give you the confidence you want while playing. They´re made with the perfect grip to give your feet extra support as you jump. They´re lightweight and have advanced gel technology to resist shock as you run and jump quickly on the surface.
Asics women´s tennis shoes also come in a wide range to help you choose the right one. The extra cushioning and breathable silhouette used in making these shoes made them super comfortable. The gel technology also makes them the best to prevent injuries from sudden high jumps. Thus, they can easily boost their confidence level and boost their performance to a whole new level. Asics shoes are high-quality and comfortable, and their innovative, modern designs and bright colors make them stand out.
Asics court shoes are specially designed to perform on hard court surfaces like tennis, basketball, pickleball and more. Its additional cushioning and innovative gel technology give the player the right support and grip. Court shoes help provide great stability and are good at resisting potential injury from quick side-to-side movement and speedy jumping.