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What is a Padel Overgrip?

Padel Overgrip

Padel rackets have a layer of grip material on the handle created to fit a relatively small hand known as a Padel Overgrip. The Padel Overgrip is the grip material that you establish above the essential grip. A Padel Overgrip is used to adapt the grip of the racket to the size of the hand. The Padel Overgrip is made of a lighter material that has an elastic surface that makes it more comfortable to control and the Overgrip only has adhesive on the ends. The Paddle Overgrip is usually made of rubber. The combination of the elastic surface and adjustable stretch allows you to keep the Overgrip in place while you play.

Padel Overgrip 3 Units

The 3 unit Padel Overgrips are micro perforated with favorable adhesion that completely evacuates sweat and water. These Overgrips provide maximum comfort and smooth contact with the most challenging grips. The 3 unit Padel Overgrips are made of long lasting synthetic material that provides a soft and comfortable touch. It is usually composed of 100% polyurethane for intensive use. You can buy the 3 unit Padel Overgrip at Babolat, Nox, Adidas, Joma, and Varlion.

Padel Overgrip 60 Units

The 60 unit Padel Overgrips are made with ventilated porous material that provides a genuine sensation in the hand. The Overgrip is famous among many leading players around the world just for its better grip. The 60 unit Padel Overgrips exist in 2 arrangements: One perforated and the second without perforations.