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Tennis and padel Men´s clothing

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How to choose the right clothes to play tennis?

Base layers

Undergarments have become essential for all kinds of outdoor activities and sports. A base layer is designed to adapt to both your activity and the unpredictable change in weather. You never know when you will have to add or remove layers. A base layer is easy to put on and take off to keep you warm or cool depending on the temperature.

Tennis caps

Tennis caps are one of the most important garments worn by men and women all over the world. These hats allow tennis players to keep their heads covered and protected during a match or practice session. The cap is made of lightweight, breathable material to keep sweat at bay. It also prevents the suns rays from entering the eyes of the players, thus improving vision and reducing glare.


During the winter season, tennis players choose to wear technical fabric jackets that tend to disperse sweat and moisture. This is essential to help keep them warm, dry and comfortable while they play. Tennis jackets are made from fabrics like polyester and fleece.

Pants and leggings

Choosing the right clothing is essential for the performance of athletes. When we talk about tennis, it is the most demanding sport that needs a lot of movement. Tennis players often wear pants and tights during matches, as these garments are comfortable and stretchy. Stretchy thighs and pants help players enjoy freedom of movement while playing or practicing a game.

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Apart from tennis jackets, players can also choose to wear sweatshirts as part of their winter outfits. Sweatshirts are made from high quality materials such as wool, polyester, spandex, cotton, fleece, or a blend of any of these. They are the perfect companions for playing tennis when the weather is cold.

T shirts and polo shirts

T shirts and polo shirts are the most used garment among tennis players. The jerseys are lightweight, breathable and comfortable and allow tennis players to perform at their best. T shirts and polo shirts are considered the best choice of material.


Tracksuits are also used for sports and training. They are comfortable, elastic and functional. They were originally designed as a comfortable option for athletes. However, tracksuits have evolved a lot over the years and today they are considered an outfit option to be comfortable on a daily basis.

More about men´s clothing:

Tennis players often wear wristbands to wipe off sweat. Arm and leg warmers help keep them warm during the winter. Face masks and a neck gaiter are the two most important accessories tennis players carry with them. They provide warmth and protection from the sun´s rays, wind and sweating. During and after matches, tennis players use towels to absorb sweat from their hands and faces. Babolat, Lacoste, Nox, Adidas and Asics are the leading brands that offer the best range of clothing to play tennis.