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About Petzl
Petzl, a name synonymous with innovation and expertise in outdoor equipment, has been a driving force in enabling adventurers and professionals to conquer new heights safely. Founded in 1975 by Fernand Petzl, an avid caver and explorer, the brand´s journey began with the invention of the first-ever hands-free lighting solution for underground explorations. This groundbreaking invention marked the inception of a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibility in the realm of adventure sports. Petzl´s commitment to excellence, safety, and quality has propelled it to become a global leader in ski equipment, mountaineering gear, helmets, ice axes, headlights, and crampons.
The Petzl brand, available at Snowinn, has redefined the way adventurers and professionals approach outdoor challenges. With a rich history of innovation and a comprehensive range of ski equipment, mountaineering gear, helmets, ice axes, headlights, and crampons, Petzl continues to empower individuals to explore the world´s most demanding landscapes with confidence and zeal.

Exploring the Heights with Petzl

Petzl´s foray into ski equipment has been nothing short of revolutionary. Built on a foundation of technical expertise and the needs of skiers, Petzl ski gear delivers exceptional performance on the slopes. The Petzl ski equipment lineup caters to skiers of all levels, ensuring a seamless blend of safety and adventure. For those who seek the thrill of venturing into the backcountry, Petzl ski mountaineering equipment stands as a steadfast companion. Petzl´s range of ski touring bindings, crampons, and harnesses are meticulously designed to handle the unique demands of off-piste adventures.
Safety takes center stage in Petzl´s ski helmets. Utilizing advanced technologies and innovative designs, these helmets provide skiers with essential protection without compromising on comfort. Whether you´re carving down the slopes or exploring untouched powder, Petzl ski helmets are engineered to meet the highest safety standards. When the mountains are blanketed in ice and snow, Petzl ice axes become essential tools for alpinists and climbers. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these ice axes offer exceptional grip, balance, and performance, enabling climbers to ascend frozen peaks with confidence.
Petzl´s pioneering heritage in lighting technology shines through in its range of headlights. From compact models perfect for trail running to powerful options tailored for caving or skiing at night, Petzl headlights illuminate the path ahead, ensuring clear visibility in even the most challenging conditions. Designed for optimal traction on icy terrain, Petzl crampons are a testament to the brand´s commitment to producing high-quality mountaineering equipment. These crampons provide a reliable grip on snow and ice, enhancing safety during demanding alpine endeavors.