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About Speedo
Speedo is the most famous international leading swimwear brand in the world. The company started in 1928 in Australia but is no longer located in that city, and now the headquarters are in Nottingham, United Kingdom. The brand´s focus is to bring life in and under the water. Speedo wants to inspire people to swim and dive into the water for training purposes, racing, maintaining fitness, or just having fun swimming in the water. Its founder Alexander MacRae revolutionized this industry by innovating and creating the world´s first non-wool swimwear that allows easier underwater movement with greater freedom.
Thus, this passion for the brand increased in popularity, and Speedo swimsuits became the best to enhance performance. Now Speedo is considered a synonym for racing swimsuits due to its continued success in the swimwear industry. The most advanced materials and the perfect design help the athletes make the most of their swimming experience. Today, Speedo has become a well-known brand in manufacturing all kinds of swimwear, swimming goggles, and wristwatches.

Speedo manufactures excellent quality swimming gear.

Speedo not only offers swimming apparel but water shoes and swimming accessories also. Speedo swimsuits for men and women are one of the best bathing suits worldwide. Initially, Speedo was known for making the best swimsuits for a long time, but the brand has expanded its manufacturing range. It was the first company to produce swimwear out of nylon material, which is still preferable. These swimsuits are made for all body types, and due to their seamless fitting, they match and fit like a glove to every body type. The high-quality material increases the durability of the swimsuits.
Nowadays, Speedo´s name can be easily found in the widest range of high-performance and stylish swimwear for men, women, and even children. Speedo swim trunks are perfect for spending a day at the beach, not only for pools. They are very comfortable yet stylish and come in various colors and patterns. These trunks have a quick-drying property, making them even more comfortable to wear.
A waterproof Speedo swim bag keeps all the swimming equipment safe. Speedo goggles are well equipped with UV protection, anti-fog ability, and a wide panoramic lens with a seal around the eyes. Moreover, Speedo also offers water shoes that are the best to wear underwater due to their faster draining ability. They are usually made with mesh rubber soles to repel water while swimming effortlessly.