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Review Zoogs Open Water Pure FS 3.0,5

Review Zoogs Open Water Pure FS 3.0,5

Dato 20/03/2023

The first impact when I saw the neoprene was spectacular, since the colors I was wearing, black with orange, caught my attention and the quality of the materials was appreciated.


We can see that neoprene is designed with 6 different qualities in terms of thickness, elasticity and exterior finish.

Thickness: the neoprene is designed so that from the neck to the knees on the front it is 3.5 mm, where it makes the body float without the need to think about the position of the body. Swimmers always try that the more part of the body is touching what is a sheet of water, the better. Then we have the 2mm from the knees to the ankle on the front, and on the back we have the lower back to the knees, this is another strong point of the neoprene since adding the 3mm on the front plus the 2mm on the back, we achieve great buoyancy.

Flexibility: swimmers always say that swimming in a swimsuit is the best, since there is nothing that prevents us from having our own flexibility, but the Zoogs Pure makes it easy for you, since we are talking about great freedom of movement due to its 1mm width. thickness in the armpits and sides.

Sizing: when I put on the wetsuit, the first thing I always do is adjust it up to the knee, but I was struck by the fact that the leg sizing is tight and is higher than other wetsuits, reaching half a calf. Also speaking of the leg part, it is very easy to put on and take off due to its flexibility, the material it is made of. Therefore it is an added plus for triathletes, since it comes out only through both the forearms and the calves.

We are talking about a good quality wetsuit and perfect for experienced swimmers in open water or triathlons. Very well structured due to its flexibility, thickness and components.



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