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Electronics and computers Devices

Electronics and computers Devices

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Dictionary of Electronic Devices meanings

The use of Electronic devices has become so common that one cannot think about living without them. They have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. It has become difficult for humans to manage work without using electronic devices. We live in an age in which technology has spiked to the level that robots and artificial intelligence are capable of doing humanitarian work with more perfection and efficiency. From dawn to dust we all require support in one or another from the technological advancement present in this world. The most commonly and widely used electronic devices include mobiles, computers, laptops, and much more.
The other important and commonly used electronic devices are mentioned as follows to provide your better understanding of each one;

3d printers:

A device that produces three dimensional 3D printing which is an additional production system that creates a visual object from a digital design. This method acts by laying down small layers of material such as metal or cement, liquid or powder plastic, and then bonding the layers together.

Hard disk hdd and hard disk ssd:

SSDs are commonly more reputable than HDD. The Hard disk drive uses spinning disks to read/write data. However, in comparison, an SSD is much more powerful than an HDD that stores data that is immediately accessible a memory chip. SSDs offer the feature of utilizing less power and lead to extended battery life because data access is much faster and the device does not work more frequently.


A computer monitor is an output device t; that displays information in an image or text format. A monitor usually includes a display, a specific circuitry, a casing, and a power supply. Computer monitors were used for data processing and entertainment as well.

Network nas hard devices:

Network Attached NAS is a dedicated file storage system that enables multiple users and various client devices to access data at a moderate disk volume.NAS is comprised of an operating system and processor so it can execute applications and offer the data required for files to be easily shared by authorized people. 


A printer is a device that receives text and images from a computer and transmits information to paper. Printers vary in size, speed, complexity, and cost. In other words, they function in a way that converts the digital text and images to physical copies.


These are also referred to as optical scanners, the computer’s input device. A scanner is a device that uses a light beam that captures pictures with print, posters, magazine pages, etc for editing and display. The Scanners work on the source of reflection and transmission.


With the next advancement in the field of computers, we have witnessed something very exciting and tempting known to be a tablet computer. They are often known as tablets which is a device similar to a smartphone however the display is comparatively larger than that of a mobile phone. Despite being a PC computer type device, this comes with the touch screen facility which makes them more appealing to use.


Uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source UPS is an emergency power supply unit that can help the computer to run its functioning for not less than a couple of hours. These are the backup power supply that comes into action when there is a sudden lapse of electricity. More about electronic devices: All other electronic devices that are being used for connectivity and support have the same importance as the actual device has itself. The most popular input devices are mouse and keyboard, allowing you to work easily and allowing you to express the action you want to perform. A mouse pad is also useful to keep the mouse functioning smoothly. To enjoy music and other means of entertainment requires perfect headphones and a microphone also helping you to communicate properly. Digital microscopes are also very popular to inspect and analyze various things. flash memory is the non volatile memory that helps to retain the data even if the system is powered off. A webcam is a perfect means of digital communication since it is a video camera that will stream a video or image in real time. A PC speaker is an output device that is used to generate sound after connecting to the computer. Shredder is a machine normally used to discard papers and other irrelevant documents. Plasticizers are used to increase the liquidity and plasticity of plastic. They are used to turn rigid plastic into an elastic material, flexible, pliable, and processable.
Some examples of electronic device manufacturers include; Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Asus, HP, Philips, Toshiba, LG, Dell.



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