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About Teka
Teka, a renowned household appliance brand, has been transforming homes worldwide for over a century with its commitment to innovation, design, and quality. Founded in 1924 in Germany, Teka started as a small workshop producing stainless steel sinks. Over the years, the brand´s dedication to perfection led it to expand its product range to cover an array of kitchen and bathroom appliances. Today, Teka stands as a symbol of excellence in the world of home appliances, offering an extensive range of products designed to simplify and enrich daily life.
Teka, with its rich history and commitment to excellence, has become a household name known for crafting appliances that make everyday life more convenient and enjoyable. Whether you´re a passionate cook, a meticulous cleaner, or simply someone who values quality and innovation in their home, Teka has a range of products designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With Teka, you´re not just buying an appliance; you´re bringing excellence into your home.

Crafting Excellence in Every Home

Teka cooktops are the epitome of culinary innovation. These kitchen essentials provide precision and style, catering to the needs of both amateur and professional chefs. Teka ensures that your cooking experience is efficient and enjoyable. Teka ovens are where tradition meets modernity. These appliances combine classic cooking techniques with cutting-edge technology. Whether you´re baking, roasting, or grilling, Teka ovens offer consistent, even heat distribution to bring out the best in your dishes.
Teka extractor hoods are the unsung heroes of the kitchen, silently and efficiently eliminating cooking odors and smoke. With various designs to choose from, they not only provide functionality but also enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen space. Teka dishwashers are built to make your life easier. They are designed to deliver spotless dishes with minimal water and energy consumption. Teka´s dishwasher range offers convenience and reliability, letting you enjoy your meals without the hassle of handwashing.
Teka refrigerators are engineered to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. With innovative features like no-frost technology and customizable shelving, Teka fridges ensure your groceries stay in the best condition for longer. Teka water heaters provide you with hot water whenever you need it. Teka offers energy-efficient solutions to meet your demands while saving on utility bills. Teka washing machines are designed to handle your laundry with care. With various load capacities and advanced washing programs, they cater to all your fabric care needs, ensuring your clothes look and feel their best.