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Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max


Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max

Description Roborock Robô De Aspirador De Pó Recondicionado S5 Max


Refurbished reasons:

Lightly used and has been repaired by the supplier.

All the accessories are missing and the original box has been repaired.

Roborock S5 Max is an improved version of the basic S5 model.

In addition to the name Max, a number of upgrades have been added to the popular robotic vacuum cleaner following the weaknesses of the original version.

What could be improved was improved and what worked great was preserved.

Roborock S5 Max introduces:

- The adaptive algorithm, which itself plans the most optimal route around the room, has been greatly improved.

- Cleaning is up to 20% faster thanks to more advanced navigation.

- You can choose different cleaning methods for different rooms.

- You can set different timers for each room or their part.

- Voice Control.

- Roborock S5 Max can be controlled by voice commands via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

- Slightly extended battery life.

- now up to 3 hours vacuuming.

- Water tank volume increased to 290 ml.

- wet cleaning to cover a larger area.

- Eliminated the problem of occasional water leaks Automatic route adjustment:

- A built-in set of 14 sensors will map your home.

Together with a 4-core processor and sophisticated navigation algorithm, the vacuum cleaner automatically creates an optimal route based on the shape of each room and the distribution of obstacles in the room.

The result is up to 20% faster cleaning process than predecessors:

- Sensors also provide other functions such as avoiding falling down stairs or unnecessarily hitting walls.

To be cleaned along the walls, the vacuum cleaner runs along the wall at exactly 10 mm and a small round brush ensures that this area is perfectly clean.

When moving, the vacuum cleaner can cope with slight irregularities in the surface and can overcome up to 2 cm high obstacle.

Multiple cleaning without human intervention:

- The enlarged 280ml water tank can accommodate 65 square meters.

An apartment of such an area can wipe the vacuum cleaner for one replenishment of water even three times.

Gradually decreasing water level may mean lower mop pressure.

In the case of the S5 Max model, this problem is taken care of and the pressure is stable 300 g from the beginning of vacuuming to the end.

- All dirt is collected in a 460 ml container and the vacuum cleaner will warn you if the container needs to be emptied.

Likewise, the vacuum cleaner warns of low charge.

However, this does not have to bother you, when it drops to 20%, the vacuum cleaner will automatically interrupt the operation, drive itself to the charging station and after recharging will start working where it had stopped.

The manufacturer declares up to 3 hours of continuous vacuuming.

Control via mobile phone:

- All the necessary settings can be made in your smartphone.

After you download MiHome, you can schedule exact times when your vacuum cleaner will set out to fight dirt, or simply give instructions for cleaning while you are at work.

Among other things, you can also adjust the suction power or humidity of the mop to the room (depending on the surface) in which the Roborock is located.

No-go zones are also a problem.

By software you set the areas where the vacuum cleaner must not use the mop or enter the area at all.

Avoid wet carpets.

Other Features:

- The vacuum cleaner follows modern trends and allows voice control.

The volume of the vacuum cleaner is slightly lower than the previous model.

In contrast, the suction power was maintained at 2000 Pa with improved dust absorption.

- Rated power 58W, suction pressure up to 2000Pa, 14 sensors, SLAM algorithm, washable HEPA filter, wall cleaning, 280 ml water tank, rubber bumper, 460ml garbage bin, noise level 60dB, mopping up to 200m2 on the tank Package contains:

- 1x Robot.

- 1x Charging Dock.

- 1x Power adapter.

- 1x Dust filters.

- 1x Water reservoir.

- 1x Mop cloth.

- 1x Waterproof pad Specifications:

Data sheet:

- Connectivity:


- Dimensions:

35,3 x 35 x 9,65 cm.

- Weight:

3.5 kg.

- Battery:

14.4V / 5200mAh Li-Ion, built-in, up to 180 min vacuuming.

- Material:


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