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Goal Zero

Goal Zero
About Goal Zero
Goal Zero is a pioneering brand that has revolutionized the portable power industry by providing innovative, sustainable, and reliable power solutions for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness. Established in 2009 by Robert Workman, Goal Zero was born out of a mission to empower individuals to live life to the fullest while minimizing their environmental impact. The brand has gained recognition for its cutting-edge technologies, high-quality products, and commitment to making a positive difference in the world.
In essence, Goal Zero has redefined the way we approach portable power solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, the brand´s range of products has become synonymous with dependable energy for adventurers, travelers, and those in need of reliable backup power. Goal Zero´s journey from its founding to its current prominence showcases its dedication to empowering individuals through accessible and sustainable power solutions.

Goal Zero Empowering Adventures through Sustainable Power Solutions

The Goal Zero Generator is a cornerstone product that exemplifies the brand´s dedication to portable power innovation. These generators convert various energy sources, including solar power, into electricity, offering a clean and versatile energy solution. Goal Zero´s Solar Panels are designed to harness the sun´s energy and convert it into power that can be stored in compatible Goal Zero batteries or power stations. These lightweight and durable panels offer portable solar solutions for charging devices on the go, whether you´re camping in the wilderness or navigating through a power outage.
The Goal Zero Power Banks are compact and portable battery packs that allow users to charge their devices while on the move. These power banks are perfect for urban commuters, hikers, and travelers who need a reliable source of power for their smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Goal Zero´s commitment to sustainability is reflected in these power banks, which can be recharged using solar panels or traditional outlets. The Goal Zero Yeti series comprises high-capacity portable power stations that can store energy from various sources, including solar panels and conventional power outlets. These power stations are designed to provide clean and quiet energy for a range of applications, from camping and outdoor adventures to emergency backup power at home.
Goal Zero batteries are available in a wide range that are rechargeable and compatible with their power stations and generators. These batteries store energy efficiently and can be charged using solar panels or traditional outlets. Goal Zero batteries are an essential component due to the focus on their outstanding and durable performance of the brand´s ecosystem. The Goal Zero Power Stations combine the brand´s solar panels, generators, and batteries into comprehensive power solutions. These stations provide a versatile and sustainable energy source, catering to both outdoor enthusiasts seeking off-grid power and individuals preparing for unexpected power outages.