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Men´s clothing

Outdoor Men´s clothing

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Base Layer

A base layer is the layer nearest to your skin and should work as a fixed ‘second skin’ during your day. Base layers present a layer of warmness to hold you feeling warm and comfortable. You can buy the base layer from Arcteryx, Salewa, Haglöfs, CMP, Black Diamond.


A jacket is a garment for the topmost body, normally reaching below the hips. A fleeces jacket typically has longer sleeves and closes in the front or slightly on the side. A fleeces jacket is usually more volatile, tighter fitting, and very insulating. Arcteryx, Salomon, Salewa, Columbia, Adidas are the brands famous for jackets.


A sweater is an item of clothing, usually with long sleeves, made of knitted or woolen material. It covers the upper part of the body. The sleeveless sweater is often called a sweater vest. Sweatshirts are also a type of sweater used as comfy athletic wear. Sweatshirts are also used for staying warm in cool weather. The sweater vest is available in Salomon, Columbia, Haglöfs, The North Face, CMP.


Pants are an article of clothing worn from the waist to the ankle bones. It is also a symbol of style and fashion. Tights are also a type of pants but it has a tight fit. The best brands that offer pants are Arcteryx, Salomon, Salewa, Columbia, Adidas.

T shirts

A T shirt is a style of cloth shirt titled after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Usually, it has small sleeves and a rounded neckline. These shirts are usually made of elastic, airy, and modest fabric. These shirts are easy to wash. Polo shirts are also a type of t shirts. The polo shirts are a kind of shirt with a collar. The best t shirt brands are Arcteryx, Salomon, Salewa, Columbia, Adidas.

More About Mens Clothing Outdoor

Accessories for men include undergarments and socks.
Arm and leg warmers are normally made of some kind of insulating stuff that keeps the arm and leg warm.
• A face mask is made of general textiles, ordinarily cotton, worn over the mouth and nose.
Gloves are used to keep the hands warm during winter.
Headwear includes caps and hats.
• A neck gaiter is an item of clothing worn about the neck for warmness.
Ponchos are outer garments created to keep the body warm.
Suits prevent water from entering and wetsuits allow water to enter the suit.
Mens Accessories, arms and legs warmers, face masks, gloves, headwear, neck gaiter, ponchos, socks, suits, and wetsuits are available on Arcteryx, Salomon, Salewa, Columbia, Adidas.