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Boots Waterproof


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How to choose mountain boots

Mountain boots made of high quality leather offer excellent abrasion resistance, water resistance, and durability. They are ideal for heavy loads and rugged terrain. There is a wide range of choices from ultra light trail running shoes to climbing shoes, hiking or trekking boots, and mountaineering boots. It depends on your hiking destination and which type of shoe will meet your needs outdoors.

Mountain boots for men

• You have an abundance of choices from lightweight running shoes to mountaineering thermal boots. Pick the one that suits your trekking needs.
• Get a basic understanding of the shoe parts such as upper, lower, midsole, outsole, and other components before making a final decision.
• No matter where you are going, make sure the shoe you put on perfectly fits your size.

Types of mountain boots

Hiking shoes
Breathable shoes for hiking and trekking are lightweight, low cut models with flexible midsoles and are ideal for day hikes.
Also, there are shoes are designed with mid to high cut models and require little break. They are flexible and waterproof boots and ideal for short trekking trips. Salomon, Arcteryx, Salewa, Columbia, and Haglöfs design and offer an excellent range of mens boots.

Trekking Boots
For multiple day trekking trips, backpacking boots are the best choice. They are designed for heavier loads and usually come in high cut models that protect ankles from rubbing. These trekking boots are stiffer, supportive, and durable.