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About Ocun
Founded with an unwavering passion for climbing in 1988, Ocun has emerged as a global icon in the world of rock climbing and outdoor adventure. With its roots deeply embedded in the picturesque Czech sandstone towers of Bohemian Paradise, this brand has consistently delivered high-quality climbing equipment, apparel, and footwear, catering to the needs of both seasoned alpinists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In the world of climbing, Ocun has established itself as a brand that understands and anticipates the needs of climbers. With a rich history rooted in adventure, Ocun continues to innovate, ensuring that climbers of all levels have access to the finest gear and clothing that empowers them to reach their summits. From the first step on the approach to the final hold at the summit, Ocun is there to support your climb.

Ocun Elevating Climbing Gear Since Day One

Ocun men´s clothing line is designed for those who demand peak performance without compromising on style. Whether you´re tackling a crag or a multi-pitch route, Ocun´s men´s clothing ensures you look good and feel even better on the wall. Empowering female climbers to reach new heights, Ocun women´s clothing combines functionality with elegance. With a focus on fit and freedom of movement, Ocun´s women´s clothing lets you conquer the rocks with confidence and style.
Ocun climbing trousers are the epitome of durability and flexibility. Crafted with precision to withstand abrasive rock surfaces, these trousers provide climbers with the freedom to move effortlessly. Reinforced knee panels and innovative design features ensure your comfort and protection as you ascend, making Ocun climbing trousers the go-to choice for climbers who demand the best. Ocun climbing shoes are engineered for precision and performance. Designed with cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, they provide unparalleled grip, sensitivity, and support on various terrains.
From carabiners to belay devices, Ocun climbing equipment is synonymous with safety and innovation. Built to meet the highest industry standards, their gear is trusted by climbers worldwide. Ocun´s commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of climbing equipment it produces contributes to a safer and more enjoyable climbing experience. Ocun harnesses are designed to keep you secure during every ascent. With a focus on comfort and adjustability, they offer a snug fit that doesn´t sacrifice mobility. Ocun quick draws are engineered for speed and ease of use. With lightweight yet sturdy construction, they allow climbers to confidently clip in and out, facilitating smooth transitions on the wall.