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About Petzl
Anyone who loves mountains and wants to reach the highest peaks of the mountains, then Petzl is the best choice for you. Petzl is the manufacturer of all kinds of mountain climbing gear. You can shop the superior quality Petzl products on Trekkinn. Petzl is a French brand that was founded in 1975 by Fernand Petzl, a mountain caves explorer. The brand replaced the ladder with nylon ropes to make it easier to climb the mountains. This innovation in technology leads to a new level of providing better security. That´s why he understands much better all the troubles and needs of a mountain climber. Petzl is now a leading mountaineering manufacturer that has been providing high-quality vertical safety technology for almost 50 years. The brand aims to offer excellent quality with complete security and zero defects. Petzl designs its products by considering every mountain climber´s needs and making innovative gear using advanced technology. Petzl has become an international brand, it will keep producing superior and advanced quality products. Thus, the enthusiasts remain engaged with the brand as it helps them provide best practice equipment globally.

Petzl offers all kinds of excellent quality climbing gear

One of the essential safety elements in mountaineering is the helmet. The brand offers the most durable Petzl helmets that can last up to 10 years and be used roughly daily. Also, to ensure complete protection, these helmets are tested and certified and can be adjusted according to the suitable needs of the athlete. Moreover, the helmet comes with a Petzl headlamp that is the most compatible with mountaineering. The headlamp is very lightweight but also very powerful to provide enough luminous intensity in the dark and is the best one to keep up in the adventure. A Petzl head torch is designed to withstand active mountain life and helps you with better vision.
Petzl harness provides ultimate support and safety during all mountain activities especially climbing. A carabiner can look like it is just a hook, but it is essential for climbing. Petzl carabiner is very light but super strong. Petzl ascenders can provide enough friction due to the teeth in the angular direction. Although the teeth cause friction in ascending the rope, they do not damage the cord as they are not destructive.Another vital piece of equipment used in climbing is the ice axe. The Petzl ice axe is a combination axe with a spiked handle for a good grip. The brand also offers a good range of Petzl backpacks to make the adventure more comfortable by making them with super lightweight and premium quality material.