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About Salomon
Salomon is a French company and its headquarters are located in Annecy. It was first introduced to the industry in 1947. Salomon has many different types of sportswear ranges available. One of these wide ranges of sportswear is the trekking range. You can find everything you need for Salomon hiking at Trekkinn. Salomon hiking shoes are perfect for their design and comfort because they are simple, easy to lace up and super light. They make your walk, run or hike a breeze due to their durability, comfort and firmness needed to complete the job efficiently.
Salomon running shoes for men and women can be a perfect option for running on different surfaces such as muddy, slippery, rocky or even steep, due to their unique design. You can also find other types of footwear such as Salomon boots, water shoes and sandals at Trekkinn.

Why Salomon shoes are good for all sports

Salomon is known for the best range of footwear, whether it´s for running, hiking, winter sports or everyday use. That is why it is one of the best brands for having the world´s favorite shoes, and they deserve this rank. The chunky silhouette of the boots is in fashion today. The shoes are very durable as they allow you to move quickly over difficult terrain.
Another great release from this brand is the Salomon Speed cross, made taking inspiration from the local races around Annecy, France. With their great innovative and extraordinary design, they revolutionized shoe designs. These are specially made for fast running without getting your feet sore from obstacles and provide stability while walking on wet rocks and running on muddy trails.
Salomon is launching its new shoes that will be made from a single material called thermoplastic polyurethane, which is perfect for making running shoes lightweight and durable. A necessary feature of this plastic material is that it can be reshaped into any shape when heated. In addition to the Salomon shoes for men and women, the brand offers other equipment that you will need on your excursions. Pick up backpacks and fanny packs to keep your stuff safe, while the Salomon hydration vest and a water bottle help keep you hydrated throughout the day on your hike, run or trek. So whether you are a professional athlete or wanting to try hiking for the first time, be sure to choose Salomon to make your trip blindly memorable.