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Sea To Summit

Sea To Summit
About Sea To Summit
Sea To Summit started manufacturing lightweight mountain products when it was difficult to find them in Australia in the 80s. In 1984, the company´s founder,Roland Tyson, initiated his business by designing innovative gear for two Australian adventurers who wanted to climb Mount Everest. They became so impressed by the quality of the products that helped them scale Mount Everest as the first Australians. The brand was officially born and named Sea to Summit in 1990 after great success when the consumers came again asking for the company´s owner to design and create their gear as they planned an expedition from the Bengal Sea to the Summit of Mount Everest.
Sea To Summit succeeded in becoming an award-winning brand by manufacturing the most premium quality and advanced technology products with highly innovative designs that are made for extreme weather conditions due to their lightweight and durability. Sea To Summit is now an international brand well-known worldwide for making adventure gear sold in almost 60 different countries. The brand designs excellent products to make you travel freely and confidently in any environment during your adventure.

Sea To Summit has the best Outdoor Equipment

The brand earns the trust of its customers by handing perfect gear to them. One should always prefer comfort with quality when choosing sleeping bags. The Sea To Summit sleeping bag is ideal for providing enough comfort and warmth at even the lowest temperature ranges by wicking the moisture and allowing you to sleep peacefully. In addition to sleeping bags, Sea to Summit sleeping pad is an excellent, lightweight product that offers greater comfort, warmth, and durability. It can make a big difference in your outdoor experience as it can be carried easily anywhere by quickly inflating and deflating the pad, making it extra compact and more convenient to move.
The brand also offers a vast Sea to Summit pillow collection that is more likely a luxury camping product due to its lightweight and super soft brushed polyester fabric. It has a knitted exterior and is also inflatable and silent as it does not make any noise. This pillow has various sizes and shapes that make every adventure super cozy. Also, you can use the Sea To Summit tent for extra shelter and protection, as it is the most durable and versatile gear. The brand also introduces Sea to Summit dry bags to keep all your foods and drinks well-protected. This bag is designed to allow you to extend your adventure longer by keeping your food in the best conditions for a long time. The Sea To Summit compression sack is a great option to store more things and fit in your bag compactly as it can save a lot of space and is waterproof.