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There are plenty of presentations and any kind of introduction about these shoes, which have been in the trail world for so many years. Few will be the mountain runners who do not know this model, in whatever version.


Without half measures, with things clear and betting big. ASICS leaves no doubt what is the path you want for the Gel-FUJITRABUCO 8, all, all paths, whatever they are and the longer the better. If your husband or wife tells you that they are going to look for tobacco and you see that they wear these shoes ... Long distance, protection, durability and great grip.

SOLE: From my point of view, the Achilles heel of the Nipona house in terms of trail shoes has been referring for many years. The grip of the Asics mountain shoes, a few years ago left a lot to be desired. With the ASICS GRIP compound, things change radically. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, the heel is prominent, it covers the entire sole so as not to lose traction even in the most technical steps. The confidence offered by this sole, even in wet terrain has been spectacular. The negative point is that, especially in the heel area, on days when the terrain has been more muddy, some mud accumulates. Nothing exaggerated, the truth, but it costs him to expel it. In the metatarsal area, we have an extra protection, the Rock Protection, to worry even more about where we put our foot. Generous midsole, 20mm at the heel and 12mm at the front (8mm drop). There are three tireless workers who will accompany us step by step: FLYTEFOAM, DUOMAX and GEL. In the heel area, GEL is added to promote the absorption of impacts, and thus further protect our joints. On the inner face of the shoe there is an element in charge of stabilizing the pronation of our footprint, DUOMAX. And on the outside, in the central area, we find FLYTEFOAM, the lightest compound from ASICS, to offer more kindness to our footprint. The rest of the midsole is made up of different EVA densities. Among all these elements, our foot is perfectly isolated from the ground. For rocks, roots or whatever is ahead, we only have to worry about enjoying. The damping is hard in the first instance, but little by little we see that it is quite balanced, since when the terrain is complicated we appreciate that stiff point. It didn't take me long to get used to this feeling, and I've squeezed this midsole to the max, letting myself fall into the most technical and steep descents where they have shown me that they work perfectly. Maybe their weak point is when we step on some asphalt, being less friendly.


UPPER: Following the main premise of this shoe, the upper offers good protection around the contour. The tip is well reinforced to protect our fingers from the stones that we can find on the way. This protection extends along the sides, making it somewhat kinder to offer more flexibility and adjustment to the foot and it hardens again in the achilles area, to stabilize and protect it. All this, is accompanied by a quite padded interior to make our foot go inside a tank but between cottons. And finally, the already mythical little pocket on the tongue to store the excess of the laces. The first sensation when I put my foot in these Gel-Fujitrabuco 8, was to have my foot somewhat pinched, the last is narrow. The protection of the toe cap, at first, can be a little bothersome, in my case, in the area of ​​the little toe. With the passing of the kilometers, it has given up just enough to adapt to my foot and stop bothering. The negative point that I have found in several exits has been that a small stone has entered me, I have had to stop and take it out. CONCLUSIONS: Shoe with great protections, in case it has not been clear with everything I have explained before. Destined at long distance and regardless of the unevenness that it offers us. It performs well in both dry and wet terrain offering great grip. For runners of up to about 95kg, with a slightly hard cushioning, with 8mm of dropp, and isolating the foot from the ground we tread, therefore suitable for technical terrain. The kilometers will pass step by step offering stability and comfort until the end of our departure. Narrow last, not suitable for wide feet. It is difficult to expose an optimal rhythm in the mountains, but to give us an idea, if we take a wide and flat path we could go comfortably at rates above 4'30 / km (depends on the corridor, it is to put a reference). To improve, the entrance of pebbles, inside the shoe, is somewhat annoying and the mud that remains accumulated in the back of the sole, for the rest, objective accomplished ASICS !!!!



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