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Eels - Size: 101 - 150 mm


What are eels lures?

Eel lures are artificial fishing baits designed to imitate the appearance and movement of live eels, which are a common prey for various predatory fish species. These lures are specifically crafted to attract fish that feed on eels or have a preference for elongated, snake like baitfish.
Eel lures come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, but they generally mimic the slender, serpentine profile of real eels. They can be made of soft plastic, rubber, silicone, or other durable materials that allow for realistic swimming action in the water.
Key features of eel lures include:

Body shape: Resembling the long and slender body of an eel, these lures often have a tapered shape with a smooth or textured surface to replicate the appearance of an actual eel.
Tail movement: Many eel lures have tails designed to produce lifelike swimming actions. Some have paddle like tails, while others might feature split or ribbon tails that wiggle and undulate in the water to mimic the movement of a real eel.
Realistic coloration: Eel lures often come in natural eel colors such as shades of green, brown, black, or silver. They may have patterns or markings resembling the skin of real eels to enhance their realism.
Weight and rigging: These lures can vary in weight and can be rigged in different ways depending on the fishing technique. They might be rigged weedless, on jigheads, or using various types of hooks and weights.
Scent and attractants: Some eel lures are infused with scents or attractants to further entice fish and enhance their appeal.
Eel lures are effective for targeting a wide range of predatory fish species, including bass, pike, muskellunge, striped bass, snook, and various saltwater species like cobia and grouper that feed on eels. Anglers use eel lures in various fishing scenarios, such as casting from shore, trolling, or jigging in both freshwater and saltwater environments.
As with any fishing lure, the choice of eel lure depends on factors like the type of fish youre targeting, water conditions, and fishing technique preferences. Experimenting with different sizes, colors, and retrieval techniques can help determine the most effective eel lure for a particular fishing situation. You can buy the lures from these brands: Hart, Ragot, SPRO, Rhino, and Kinetic.



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