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Fishing rods

Fishing rods

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How to choose the right fishing rods and poles?

Bait casting:

Baitcasting is a popular fishing technique that involves using a baitcasting reel mounted on top of a baitcasting rod. It is commonly employed by anglers for various types of fishing, including freshwater and saltwater applications. Bait casting is particularly useful for targeting larger fish species.

Bolognese fishing:

Bolognese is a fishing technique or fishing competition. Bolognese uses a long telescopic rod and competitive form of angling where participants aim to catch the highest total weight of fish within a given time.

Bottom fishing:

Bottom fishing is a fishing method that involves dragging a net or trawling along the ocean floor to catch fish and other marine organisms that inhabit the bottom of the sea. Bottom fishing is commonly used by commercial fishing vessels to target fish species that live near or on the ocean floor.

Carp fishing:

Carp fishing is a popular angling pursuit that specifically targets carp, a species of freshwater fish known for their size, strength, and challenging behavior. Carp fishing has gained considerable popularity worldwide due to the thrill of catching these powerful fish and the strategic and technical aspects.

Coup fishing:

Coup rods for fishing are very long, typically ranging from 3 to 14 meters or more. The length allows anglers to reach a precise spot without needing to cast. They are usually made of lightweight and flexible materials, such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, to provide the necessary sensitivity for detecting subtle bites.


Covers are essential accessories for protecting your fishing rods while in storage, during transportation, or when they are not in use. They help prevent damage to the rod guides, blanks, and reels, as well as tangles with other rods.

Fly fishing:

Fly fishing is a popular angling method that involves casting a lightweight fly lure, typically made of feathers, fur, and synthetic materials, to mimic the appearance of insects or other small prey. Fly fishing relies on specialized casting techniques.


Jigging is a popular fishing technique that involves using a lure called a jig to attract fish and entice them to bite. Jigging is commonly used in both saltwater and freshwater fishing and can be effective for various species such as bass, walleye, pike, tuna, and many others.

Fishing poles:

Fishing poles are essential tools used in the sport of fishing. Poles are designed to enable anglers to cast their fishing line, control the bait or lure, and ultimately catch fish.

Fishing popping:

Popping in fishing refers to a technique commonly used in saltwater fishing, particularly for species like tarpon, snook, or GT giant trevally. Popping fishing involves using a top water lure to create a loud popping or splashing noise on the water´s surface.

Fishing spinning:

Spinning is a popular fishing technique that utilizes a spinning reel and rod combination. Spinning is widely used by anglers of all skill levels for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Spinning is designed to allow for accurate and long distance casting.

Fishing squid and cuttlefish:

Squid and cuttlefish are popular baits for fishing, particularly in saltwater angling. They are effective for targeting a variety of fish species, including various predatory fish.

Fishing surfcasting:

Surf casting is a popular fishing technique that involves casting a fishing line and bait from the shoreline into the ocean. You can buy surf casting from Shimano Fishing, Daiwa, PENN, Rapala, Fox International, and Hart.

Fishing trolling:

Trolling in fishing refers to a specific technique used to catch fish by dragging a fishing line behind a moving boat. Trolling involves using one or more lures or baited hooks that are trailed through the water at varying depths and speeds to attract and catch fish.

More about fishing rods:
Kits for fishing rods are components that can be added or modified to a fishing rod to enhance its performance or adapt it for specific fishing techniques. Rod accessories are additional tools and attachments that can enhance the functionality and performance of fishing rods.