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About Raymarine
Raymarine is one of the most renowned brands in offering premium quality marine electronics, specializing in navigation and communication equipment for boats and yachts. With a history dating back to 1923, the brand has evolved to become a global leader in marine technology. Raymarine is renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and user-friendly solutions that enhance safety and navigation on the water. Raymarine offers the widest range of marine gear to suit various boating needs.
Raymarine´s rich history of innovation in marine electronics has led to the development of a diverse range of products that cater to boaters´ navigation, safety, and entertainment needs. From autopilot systems to fish finders, radar, GPS, cameras, and transducers, Raymarine continues to push the boundaries of technology to enhance the marine experience.

Raymarine Innovating the Best Marine Navigation

Raymarine Autopilot systems let boat operators maintain course and direction effortlessly while keeping their hands free. These systems use advanced sensors and algorithms to steer the vessel accurately, reducing the workload on the crew and ensuring a smoother journey. Raymarine Fish Finders utilize sonar technology to locate and display underwater structures, fish, and terrain. The brand´s fish finder range offers high-definition displays and advanced sonar capabilities, helping anglers identify fish-rich areas for a successful fishing experience.
Raymarine Radar systems enhance navigation safety by providing real-time information about surrounding vessels, obstacles, and weather conditions. These radar systems utilize advanced signal processing to deliver clear and accurate data, even in challenging weather conditions. The Raymarine Axiom Series is a line of multifunction navigation displays equipped with intuitive touch screens. They offer seamless integration of navigation, radar, sonar, and entertainment systems, providing boaters with a comprehensive solution for navigation and onboard entertainment. The Raymarine Axiom Pro builds upon the Axiom Series with enhanced features designed for professional captains and serious boaters.
Raymarine GPS systems provide accurate positioning and navigation data, helping boaters determine their precise location and plan routes with confidence. These GPS systems offer fast acquisition times and reliable performance, ensuring safe and efficient navigation. Raymarine Cameras enhance situational awareness on board by providing visual feeds of critical areas such as the engine room, deck, or blind spots. These cameras can be integrated with navigation displays, allowing users to monitor their surroundings in real-time. Raymarine Transducers play a vital role in sonar and fish finder systems. They transmit and receive sonar signals to provide detailed information about underwater conditions, including water depth, bottom structure, and fish presence.