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About Vercelli
Vercelli is a famous brand of competition-quality surfcasting fishing tackle. We are focused on providing high-end rods that exceed angler´s expectations in terms of build, materials, and performance. Besides fishing rods, Vercelli also produces a high-quality range of reels, tackle boxes, hooks, lines, rubber stops, tools, attractors, beads, and luggage. Vercelli has set a high standard in the Surfcasting competition by developing and designing high-end rods. The company offers a comprehensive range of Vercelli rods that have been designed featuring the best materials with the competition angler in mind.
Vercelli stands as a distinguished brand in fishing gear, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance the angling experience.The Vercelli fishing reels and Vercelli fishing rods are designed to meet the exacting standards of anglers.
Vercelli fishing reels are a testament to precision engineering, combining advanced technology with durable materials to create reels that deliver smooth performance on the water. Whether you´re engaged in surfcasting or other fishing styles, Vercelli provides the angler with the control and responsiveness needed to land the prey.

Complementing their reels are the Vercelli fishing rods, meticulously designed to cater to various fishing techniques and environments. From shore to boat fishing, Vercelli fishing rods are crafted with a focus on balance, sensitivity, and power.
In addition to fishing gear, Vercelli recognizes the importance of comfort and style in the angler´s experience. The brand extends its expertise to men´s clothing, offering apparel that seamlessly combines functionality with a modern aesthetic. Vercelli´s men´s clothing range is designed to withstand the weather while ensuring anglers feel their best during every fishing excursion.
Furthermore, Vercelli doesn´t just stop at providing top-tier fishing gear and apparel; they also offer a comprehensive selection of fishing equipment. From tackle boxes to accessories, Vercelli fishing equipment is engineered to make the angler´s journey more convenient and enjoyable.
In conclusion, Vercelli has solidified its position as a leading brand in the fishing industry, offering a diverse and high-quality array of products.