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Small steps to save our planet and reduce the impact of the logistics process on the environment. Our planet is very important to us and we know that for our customers too, that is why in we decided to work with companies committed to the environment and the sustainability of the planet for future generations.

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How does Spring offset the carbon footprint of its shipments?


Spring calculates the CO2 emissions emitted by each package, based on the weight, distance and means of transport used for delivery.

Buy Buy

Spring purchases carbon credits in the market to offset emissions from shipments.

Attenuate Attenuate

Mitigates the impact through carbon credits (VS and Gold Standard certificates).

Support projectsSupport projects

Investment in credits and bonds used to support environmental protection projects.

Projects supported by Spring

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Protecting rainforest and biodiversity in Peru

Madre de Dios Amazon REDD project, covering 100,000 hectares of rainforest in Peru, protects a unique reserve of biodiversity, endangered species and indigenous cultures.

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Renewable energy through windmills in Turkey

Mut Wind wind power plant, with the creation of a wind farm to produce alternative, renewable and less polluting energy.

What actions do you take to keep the environmental impact as low as possible?

Deployment of an environmentally friendly fleet that contributes to reductions in pollutant emissions generated by employee commuting.

Postnl has 263 ecological bicycles and 828 trucks equipped with natural gas (NGV).

Gradual shift to solar power for carbon neutral electricity

Increased material reuse and recycling

"The objective of our Spring Green program is to neutralize the CO2 footprint generated by international parcel distribution; we will analyze at the level of each customer the environmental impact produced by the final distribution of our parcels that we will convert to the NGO Gold Standard to finance reforestation and the production of renewable energies. This action will be in addition to our recycling and reuse program for pallets, boxes and sacks and to our transportation and packaging efficiency program."

Emiliano Vidal
Managing Director Spring GDS