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Windsurfing and Wing Foil extreme sports

Extreme sports Windsurfing and Wing Foil

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Brands of Windsurfing and Wing Foil

How to choose the right equipment for windsurfing for beginners?

Windsurfing and wing foiling are both water sports that involve riding on a board and harnessing the power of the wind, but they have distinct differences in terms of equipment and techniques.

Windsurfing is a water sport where the rider stands on a board and uses a sail attached to a mast to catch the wind and propel themselves across the water.
The windsurf board has a mast track and a universal joint that connects the mast to the board. The rider holds onto a boom, which is a horizontal bar attached to the mast, to control the sail.
Windsurfers shift their weight on the board and use their body movements to control the sail and steer the board. The goal is to balance the board and harness the winds power for speed and maneuvers.

Wing surfing:
Wing foiling, or wing surfing, is a relatively newer water sport that involves riding a small board while holding onto a handheld wing. The wing captures the wind, generating lift, and allows the rider to glide above the water´s surface.
The primary equipment includes a small, handheld wing similar to a windsurf sail but without a mast and a hydrofoil attached to the bottom of the board. The foil lifts the board out of the water, reducing drag and providing a smooth, efficient ride.
Wing foilers stand on the board, holding the wing in their hands. They use their body movements to steer the wing and control the direction and speed of the board. The foil underneath the board allows the rider to "fly" above the water´s surface, creating a sensation of weightlessness.


A windsurf board, also known as a windsurfing board or a windsurfer, is a specialized board used in the sport of windsurfing. Windsurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing, where the rider stands on the board and uses a sail attached to a mast to harness the wind´s power for propulsion. The sport requires a combination of balance, skill, and coordination.


A windsurf harness is an essential piece of equipment for windsurfers, providing a connection between the rider and the sail. The harness allows windsurfers to harness the power of the wind more effectively, reducing the strain on their arms and enhancing control. There are two main types of windsurf harnesses: seat harnesses and waist harnesses.

Rash Guards:

Rash guards are specialized clothing worn by windsurfers to provide protection and comfort during windsurfing activities. Rash guards are designed to fit snugly against the skin to minimize chafing and irritation caused by constant movement and contact with water.


Rigs in windsurfing refer to the sail, mast, and boom used to propel and control a windsurfing board. The rig is the essential component that captures the wind´s energy and propels the windsurfer across the water.


Vests in the context of windsurfing typically refer to personal flotation devices PFDs or life jackets that are worn by windsurfers for safety and buoyancy purposes. You can buy vests from Jobe, O´neill wetsuits, Hurley, ION, Rip Curl, and Roxy. More about Windsurfing: Windsurfing Board, Windsurfing Sail, Mast, Boom, Mast Base, Harness, up haul, and Foot straps are accessories and parts of windsurfing. Windsurfing covers are designed to protect windsurfing equipment from dust, dirt, UV rays, moisture, and other environmental elements.



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