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Horse Riding CoINNs


Just collect our




1. You get CoINNs for each product you buy.

2. By leaving a product review you even obtain 20 CoINNs more!

3. Helping other customers by answering their questions about products you have already purchased.

How does it work?

How does it work?

On each item an amount of CoINNs is indicated. CoINNs will be directly credited to your account, once the products have been shipped to you.

Place an order

Please log in on MY ACCOUNT and you will see your total CoINNs which you can honor on your next order. When placing your order, please log into MY ACCOUNT and choose the option to redeem CoINNs (the system will automatically subtract a discount equivalent to the number of CoINNs accumulated.)

Please make sure that you have not introduced first a promotional code before redeeming your CoINNs.

Place an order Leave a product review

Leave a product review

To earn CoINNs when leaving a product review, you first need to log into MY ACCOUNT. Once your review has been approved, CoINNs will be credited directly to your account. Please keep in mind that all reviews have to be checked manually to avoid fake reviews.

Answers questions from other customers

You are the expert! , earn even more CoINNs by helping other customers.
You only have to answer questions about products you have already bought.You only have to answer questions about products you have already bought.

Take the opportunity to add CoINNs, if you receive an email with a question, just answer it and you will add CoINNs to your account.
Remember that answers are subject to review.

Leave a product review Leave a product review

Where can I look for my accumulated COINNS?

To know the number of COINNS you have accumulated
Login to your account
Click on ´About you´
You will be able to see your accumulated Coinns

Frequently asked questions

Can I leave my opinion on any product?

Your review is important to other users.
You can only comment on products you have purchased, so the information will be true and useful to other customers.

How can I redeem my COINNS?

Before you make your purchase, please log in to the MY ACCOUNT section.
Add all the items you want to buy to your cart
Choose the Redeem Coinns option
The system will automatically exchange your points for money and apply the discount.


- No promotional codes can be applied when redeeming CoINNs.

- Collected CoINNs are always shown in the same currency the orders have been placed.

- No CoINNs are collected for the purchase of gift vouchers.

- We reserve the right to reject reviews if we believe that they are not unique and genuine reviews of our products.

Purchases of products you purchase from the TradeINN Marketplace do not earn CoINNs.

- CoINNs are valid 1 year, after which they will be subtracted from your total CoINNs balance.