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Horse Riding


About Acavallo
Acavallo is a company that makes good horse riding equipment. They started in 1987 and have become very popular with both professional riders and amateurs. Acavallo is known for its comfortable gel pads, which make riding more enjoyable for both the horse and the rider. These gel pads were so good that they changed the way people think about horse comfort, making Acavallo a leader in the horse riding world.
Acavallo stirrups are renowned for their innovative design, exceptional comfort, and emphasis on both horse and rider welfare. Acavallo´s are made from flexible polymers that offer a less rigid and more comfortable feel for the reiter. This reduces fatigue and allows for more natural foot movement. This enhances safety and can prevent potential injuries. Acavallo stirrups reduce fatigue, stress, and pressure, enhancing both horse and rider performance.
Acavallo chain guards are a popular choice among riders seeking to protect their horses and improve their comfort. Acavallo chain guards protect horses from curb chain discomfort. Made from shock-absorbing gel, they reduce friction, prevent pinching, and improve bit acceptance. This enhances comfort, focus, and performance, offering peace of mind for reiters. These guards are durable, easy to clean, stylish, and fit most horses.
Acavallo footpegs elevate feet for comfort, improve leg alignment, and reduce pressure points. They also widen the platform for stability, have a non-slip surface, and minimize fatigue. These lightweight, durable, and easy-to-attach pegs come in various styles and colors.
Acavallo girth straps replace traditional ones for horse comfort and performance. They have elastic sections for natural movement, pressure relief, and reduced tension. The soft, breathable materials prevent chafing and irritation. These flexible, durable straps come in various lengths and styles to suit different girths and horse sizes. They are easy to clean and look stylish.
Acavallo saddles prioritize comfort, performance, and style. They conform to the horse´s anatomy, absorb shock, and offer customization options for reiter and horse comfort. Lightweight and discipline-specific, they use advanced technology for optimal performance. With a sleek design, high-quality materials, and customization options, Acavallo saddles are the perfect choice for reiter and horse alike.
Acavallo protectors safeguard horse´s legs and joints, preventing injuries and promoting optimal performance. Available in brushing boots, tendon boots, fetlock boots, and overreach boots, they offer the ultimate protection during training and competition. Made from durable, shock-absorbing materials, these protectors boast an anatomical design for a comfortable fit. Breathable and lightweight, they´re easy to clean and maintain. Invest in Acavallo protectors for horse´s well-being and success.
Acavallo horse rings elevate bridle´s look and performance. Crafted from durable materials like stainless steel or brass, they offer smooth rotation, multiple sizes, and compatibility with various bridles and bits. Available in classic and elegant designs, they come in various colors and finishes to match existing tack. Easy to clean and strong, Acavallo horse rings are a valuable investment for any reiter.