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About X-lite
X-lite, a renowned name in the world of motorcycle safety, has provided riders with cutting-edge helmets and accessories for over two decades. Established in 1998 X-lite has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and quality in the field of motorcycle helmets.
X-lite has carved its niche in the motorcycle industry by consistently delivering high-quality helmets and accessories that prioritize motorcycle rider safety and comfort. With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to excellence,X-lite continues to be a trusted choice for motorcycle riders who demand the best in protective gear and technology. Whether you´re a seasoned motorcycle rider or a new enthusiast, X-lite is the brand that has your back on every journey.

Elevating motorcycle safety and comfort

X-lite helmets are more than just protective headgear; they´re a testament to precision engineering and advanced technology. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and using state-of-the-art materials, X-lite helmets offer motorcycle riders unparalleled safety and comfort. These helmets are designed to meet and exceed rigorous safety standards, ensuring that motorcycle riders can explore the open road with confidence. X-lite´s range of motorcycle helmets covers a wide spectrum, from open-face helmets for urban riders to the iconic X-803 Ultra Carbon, a full-face helmet that integrates advanced features and safety measures. Each X-lite motorcycle helmet is the result of extensive research, development, and testing, guaranteeing optimal protection without compromising style.
The X-lite full-face helmets are a true embodiment of excellence. They feature aerodynamic designs that reduce wind resistance and minimize fatigue during long rides. The interior padding, crafted from premium materials, ensures a comfortable fit for motorcycle riders, even on extended journeys. X-lite motorcycle visors are designed for optimal clarity and protection. These visors are treated to resist fogging and UV rays, guaranteeing a clear vision under various weather conditions. Quick-change mechanisms make it easy to swap visors to match your riding conditions, whether it´s a sunny day or a cloudy night. X-lite´s commitment to safety extends beyond the helmet itself. X-lite pinlocks are anti-fog inserts that can be added to compatible visors. These pinlocks maintain clear visibility, even in the most challenging weather conditions, ensuring that motorcycle riders can focus on the road ahead without distraction. Motorcycle riders often require communication and entertainment options while on the road. X-lite offers a range of intercom systems that are seamlessly integrated with X-lite helmets. X-lite intercom systems enable hands-free communication with fellow motorcycle riders and navigation assistance, all without compromising safety.