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About Arai
Arai is a Japanese developing enterprise that is recognized for creating and producing motorcycle Arai helmets. The enterprise was established in 1926 by Hirotake Arai. Its office is located in Japan, Saitama Prefecture. Arai Flatters is one the top motorcycle helmet-producing companies around the globe. The main perspective of the brand is to make the safest, most comfy, and enduring helmets. Owning years of experience in the enterprise, the brand has maintained its customer base due to the high-level functionality of helmets. The enterprise has brought creation in the structure of helmets and they have been rehearsing it for decades. Arai helmets are known for superior quality and functioning around the world.
Arai´s dedication to motorcycle rider convenience is equally inspiring. Their helmets are formed for ultimate comfort during long rides, and attributes like their Facial Contour System (FCS) and numerous ventilation options provide a cozy yet breathable fit.
Arai is a label that embodies superiority in motorcycle helmet innovation and manufacturing. Its endless legacy and relentless dedication to safety make it a leading choice for riders who prioritize both fashion and protection on the road.

Arai collection of helmets

Arai helmets consistently satisfy and exceed strict safety standards, offering riders excellent protection in the possibility of an accident. The usage of cutting-edge materials, such as their PB-cLc shell structure, contributes to the helmet´s capability to immerse and disperse impact power effectively.
Arai full face helmets are created with sufficient ventilation systems to keep motorcycle rider relaxed and cozy during long rides. The ventilation qualities are strategically put to improve airflow without compromising protection.
Arai off-road helmets are made to present a safe and comfy fit. They often contain attributes like the Facial Contour System (FCS) to confirm the helmet fits the rider´s face, giving stability during extreme riding maneuvers.
Arai motorcycle bags are generally prepared with water-resistant or impervious materials and zippers, as motorcycle riders often face changing weather situations. So, they provide protection confirming that your belongings remain dry even in wet conditions.
Arai motorcycle screens are created to keep perfect optical clarity, confirming that they do not deform the rider´s view of the roadway or surroundings. It is important for protection and visibility. One of the primary objectives of these screens is to decrease wind turbulence and buffeting that riders undergo, particularly at more increased speeds. Arai screens are made to control airflow over and near the rider, lowering fatigue and enhancing aerodynamics.