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About Givi
Givi, a trailblazing name in the world of motorcycle accessories, has been revolutionizing the riding experience since its inception. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, Givi has become synonymous with motorcycle accessories that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and durability. Founded in Italy in 1978 by Giuseppe Visenzi, a former motorcycle racer, Givi has evolved from a small enterprise into a global powerhouse, adorning bikes, and riders with an extensive range of premium products.
In essence, Givi has emerged as a trailblazer in the motorcycle accessories industry by consistently delivering products that redefine rider experiences. With an illustrious history and an unwavering commitment to innovation,Givi continues to shape the future of motorcycle journeys, enriching the lives of motorcycle riders worldwide. These finely tuned machines incorporate cutting-edge technology, performance-driven engineering, and ergonomic designs, ensuring a captivating ride for enthusiasts worldwide.

Givi Elevating Your Motorcycle Journey

Givi motorcycles embody the brand´s dedication to excellence. Givi motorcycles encapsulate the spirit of adventure on two wheels, from sleek street bikes to rugged adventure models. Givi windscreen stands as a testament to the brand´s meticulous attention to rider comfort. Crafted with precision, these windshields offer unparalleled aerodynamics, minimizing wind resistance and optimizing protection. Motorcyclists can effortlessly slice through the air, shielded from the elements, and relish a smoother ride.
The Givi top-case collection epitomizes convenience and versatility. These cases provide secure storage for motorcycle riders, accommodating helmets, gear, and essentials. Engineered with robust materials and user-friendly features, Givi top cases effortlessly mount onto motorcycles, offering both style and practicality. Givi tank bags combine style and utility for motorcycle riders seeking on-the-go storage solutions. These bags are affixed to the motorcycle´s tank, offering easy access to items without compromising riding posture. With various sizes and designs available, Givi tank bags are the perfect companion for urban commutes and long-haul journeys alike.
Givi´s vast array of bags and saddlebags reflects the brand´s commitment to catering to diverse rider needs. Designed for various types of motorcycles, Givi bags offer ample storage capacity while maintaining a sleek profile. Whether it´s a cross-country adventure or a daily commute, Givi saddlebags enhance convenience without sacrificing style. Givi´s luggage solutions embrace the ethos of durability and functionality. Crafted to withstand the rigors of the road, Givi luggage ensures that riders can carry their belongings securely and with peace of mind. Givi motorcycle luggage encompasses top cases, saddlebags, tank bags, and more, all contributing to an elevated riding experience.