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About AGV
AGV, short for Amisano Gino Valenza, is a renowned Italian brand that has been at the forefront of helmet innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with stylish designs. Established in 1947 by Gino Amisano, AGV has played a pivotal role in revolutionising helmet safety and performance in the motorcycling world. With a rich heritage spanning decades, AGV continues to set new standards for quality, comfort, and protection. AGV stands as a symbol of innovation and quality in the motorcycle helmet industry. With a legacy that spans over half a century, AGV continues to push boundaries, setting new benchmarks for helmet safety, design, and functionality. From full-face to open-face, modular to off-road, AGV´s diverse helmet lineup caters to the diverse needs of motorcyclists, ensuring that safety and style are never compromised on the road.

AGV Revolutionizing Helmet Safety and Style

AGV offers a comprehensive range of helmets designed to cater to the diverse needs of motorcyclists. Each AGV helmet is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating the latest advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques. AGV full-face helmets are a testament to the brand´s commitment to safety and aerodynamics. These helmets provide maximum coverage and protection, featuring advanced ventilation systems to ensure optimal airflow and comfort during long rides. The incorporation of lightweight yet durable materials makes AGV full-face helmets a preferred choice among professional riders and enthusiasts alike.
AGV open-face helmets embody the perfect blend of style and security. These helmets offer partial coverage while allowing for increased visibility and a sense of freedom. AGV´s open-face helmets are designed with a focus on comfort and versatility, making them ideal for urban commuting and leisurely rides. AGV modular helmets are a testament to adaptability and convenience. Known as flip-up helmets, they combine the benefits of full-face and open-face designs, allowing riders to easily switch between both configurations. AGV´s modular helmets feature innovative locking mechanisms and advanced visor systems, ensuring uncompromised safety and functionality.
For off-road adventurers, AGV offers helmets designed to withstand the rigours of challenging terrains. These helmets feature rugged construction, enhanced ventilation, and peak visors to guard against debris. AGV´s off-road helmets provide the necessary protection without sacrificing comfort or style. The brand´s commitment to excellence extends beyond just AGV motorcycle helmets. The brand also offers a range of AGV goggles designed to complement their helmets. These accessories reflect AGV´s dedication to providing a complete riding experience, where safety, style, and performance seamlessly converge.