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What to wear when Skiing or Snowboarding

Base layers

The basic rule when layering up the clothes from skiing or snowboarding is to wear a base layer. A base layer or next to skin layers are designed to be worn under your garments. Base layers include a vest, long underwear, and socks that fully cover your body.


Once you have covered your body with the base layers, you can wear any regular top and pants. When it comes to tops, you should choose a light wool fleece top that gives additional warmth on the slopes.


When skiing or snowboarding, it is highly recommended that you should choose to wear water resistant, thick, and insulated gloves. Skiers need to protect their hands from getting cold. The inner liner gloves offer better grip and versatility as you need to hold the skiing poles as well.


Not mandatory, but highly recommended, a skiing helmet is one of the most essential pieces of your overall gear that helps protect your head. When skiing on chilled icy slopes, you should keep your ears and head dry and warm by wearing headwear.


When you are heading towards mountains fully covered with snow, you have to be properly dressed up. The waterproof jackets are ideal for skiing as they not only keep you dry but also provide maximum insulation needed for staying warm from inside. You can buy ski jackets from Salomon, Atomic, Rossignol, Dynafit, Volcom, Head, and Superdry.


Ski pants or bib pants are also important clothing gear that you need for skiing and snowboarding. The ski pants are made of water resistant, insulated, and thick material to provide the warmth you need. They also have pockets and other features that prevent snow entering your snowshoes.


Ski socks are designed to be thicker and warmer than regular socks. To withstand the freezy wind and extreme snowing conditions, you must ensure that your socks are warmer, thicker, and insulated. Ski socks are also longer in size and provide maximum coverage to your legs and feet.


Originally, the skiing clothing was sleek and lightweight as per the requirement of the sport. You need to be speedy when hitting the slopes. However, in modern days, we can find a huge range of stylish, lightweight yet functional skiwear and suits that dont restrict movements while offering the best performance and comfort.

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Apart from the above mentioned clothing articles, you would also need to have sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies, t shirts, tights, shirts, vests, face masks, and neck gaiter. All these ski wear items are essential to keep you warm and dry on chilled icy slopes.