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About Oakley
You can shop all your Oakley favorites at Snowinn. Oakley was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard. Moving forward, Oakley is a high-end sunglasses and apparel company with a history of innovative design, comfortable products, and a commitment to athletes and extreme sports. Additionally, Oakley has been a world leader in sunglass technology, creating some of the most iconic, safest and stylish sunglasses on the market. This brand has become a leader in technical materials and intensive sports.
Most of the tech designs, fashion pieces, gear, etc. Oakley´s were developed with the input of athletes and extensive field testing, including in extreme conditions. Oakley launched the MSK3 goggles, which featured an innovative design to prevent glasses from fogging up. Oakley´s secret to success is its passion for combining science AND art to create the perfect combination of style and performance. Oakley has succeeded in fusing function and form to create works of art that really work.Oakley is unique in innovative performance and cutting-edge designs.

The best brand of accessories and sports equipment for skiers

The Oakley brand designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance, long-lasting ski eyewear, footwear, watches and equipment. Professional skiers trust the Oakley brand. Oakley Company also sells sunglasses, and face shields for use with ski helmets, sunglass accessories, gear bags, and a range of ski shoes. Oakley offers its products throughout the world. Many people wear Oakley simply because they provide 100% UV protection. These sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful rays, but also come in various styles that are both comfortable and fashionable. Plus, by tirelessly striving to meet the extreme demands of the world´s most elite athletes and elevating physics to the level of art, Oakley has created eyewear that works best for everyone.

Oakley has everything for you

The company designs, develops, and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces, including sunglasses, safety glasses, sports visors, eyeglasses, snowboard/ski goggles, watches, apparel, shoes, backpacks, optical frames and other accessories of optical frames. If you are looking for multi-purpose everyday sunglasses, Oakley has you covered with the Prizm Daily lens. Daily is ideal and best for everyday use, driving or running. This versatile lens provides more contrast, produces more vibrant colors, and offers UV protection for good reason. Oakley´s fit, comfort and optical performance are superior to other brands. Come get your favorite Oakley gear and eyewear from Snowinn.