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Ski Protections

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What protection do I need when skiing?


The protection accessories for skiing touring include a helmet, first aid kit, toolbox, water bottle flask, sunscreen, compass, etc. The helmet is used to protect your head from the cold in winters and the damage if you drop. The first aid kit is used to deal with common things like cuts, scratches, or headaches. The toolbox possesses pliers, a cutter, both kinds of screwdriver and scissors to fix the bindings. A water bottle flask is a water reservoir during your tour. Sunscreen is compulsory for high altitudes to avoid the weathers impact on the skin. The compass is used to tell you the direction of your tour. These accessories are very important during ski touring.

Avalanche safety

Items such as avalanche transceivers, shovels, avalanche airbags, and probes are included in avalanche safety because these protections can assist maintain you safe in ski touring. The avalanche transceivers are used when a person is concealed and must be able to rapidly put a grid investigation into the operation. The shovels are another important piece of equipment to be kept in your bag, to be utilized for searching out anyone concealed in an avalanche. The avalanche airbags are used when someone is caught in an avalanche, he has to activate the inflation of a balloon that offers him a significantly expanded possibility of staying on or around the exterior of the slide. The Bca Stealth 270 Probe is also one of the avalanche safety items. It is a long, adaptable stick that can be utilized in an avalanche to discover someone concealed under the snow.

Body protections

Particular body protections are required during ski touring, for kids and adults, particularly those who might try stunts they are not necessarily skilled in. The head, backbone, knees, and elbows are weak for injuries. The body protections include a back protector, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, impact shorts, etc. The back protector is used to protect your backbone in case of any collision. The knee and elbow pads are high impact synthetic coverings delivering safety against tree stumps and rocks. The wrist guard is an essential item for skiers to keep the wrist protected during ski touring. The impact shorts are adjustable fillings, which absorb the effect of any fall. You can buy body protections from Salomon, Atomic, Rossignol, Burton, POC.