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About Rossignol
Rossignol manufactures alpine, snowboard, Nordic equipment, and outerwear and accessories in Isere, France. Rossignol was one of the first companies to produce plastic skis. Athletes using Rossignol products won at both the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville and in Lillehammer. Rossignol is a well-known and respected French brand in the snowboarding industry worldwide. Rossignol is a great winter sports brand that has manufactured skiing more straightforwardly, inspiring, and fun over 100 years. The apparel´s mission of Rossignol is to develop the French brand into the highest quality sportswear, active, contemporary and comfortable fashion segment. From beginners to expert athletes, Rossignol is continuously doing athlete-driven technical innovations in his Nordic skis, alpine skis and snowboards. The brand keeps pushing the boundaries of what skiers and riders can achieve with good products.

Rossignol is an iconic winter sports brand

Rossignol has a wide variety of ski gear, Apparel, designer winter jackets, ski pants, shirts, sportswear, and shoes. You can enjoy the performance and modern style of one of the most famous French brands worldwide. Rossignol offers a variety of best-quality snowboards for riders of all levels, from beginner to expert. The brand is extraordinary for all enthusiasts, from beginners to experts. Rossignol offers each user a fulfilling and comfortable, and accessible experience on snow for sharing. Also, if you are On the mountain or not, or are somewhere else, wearing a men´s and women´s Rossignol ski jacket sheds wet weather with its waterproof system, breathable shell and sealed seams, making your experience wonderful. Rossignol ski boots are widespread among skiers for their great quality. Rossignol skis are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers who want to access the whole mountain and enjoy the occasional light powder days. Rossignol is also an excellent brand to check out if you´re a beginner snowboarder. Their wallet-friendly beginner and freestyle boards are perfect for getting into the sport. You can discover Rossignol snowboards and equipment and get ready for winter. Various styles, colors, and sizes are available. Rossignol shoes are built well. They fit accurately to size out of the box with no break-in issues. The stiff sole is supportive, responds well, and gives excellent grip. Moreover, the best part is that they are waterproof. Rossignol is a great choice if you want quality ski apparel. These waterproof products offer other features that keep you comfortable on the slopes. They also offer ski pants and jackets with matching attributes.